Roundtable Discussion: Business Challenges + Solutions

We’re bringing back the Roundtable Discussion today with some of my favorite entrepreneurs to share common challenges and solutions that we all face when it comes to running a successful business.


Our guests today include:


Rob Lohman, Founder of Lifted From the Rut – Rob graciously serves those experiencing a life transition who are seeking hope, identity and purpose in their life.


Erin Duffy, Founder of InspirationSQRD and Career Transformation & Stage Presence Coach – Erin brings smarts, fun, and her wisdom on teaching the power of presence. 


Lisa Jendza, Founder of Freedom Kitchen: Lisa teaches kids cooking and life skills as she shares her brilliance, knowledge on food, environment and so much more. 


Rob Actis, Best-Selling Author, Voice Actor, & Podcast Host – Rob brings motivation and inspiration to all that he does to help others overcome challenges and grow in all areas of their lives.


Inside this episode:

  • How investing in a coach can help your business
  • Building a team for better work/life balance and support
  • The mindset shift required for entrepreneurs
  • The importance of setting boundaries as an entrepreneur
  • Techniques for manifesting abundance in your business


If you’re an entrepreneur or someone wanting more out of life, join us for a free masterclass: 3 Brain Hacks to Attract Abundance coming up on May 17th to learn the tools you need to manifest abundance in your life and business! 


We’ll be hosting more of these Roundtable discussions so leave your comments and let us know what topics you’d like us to cover on future episodes!

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To Your Success,


Love, Louise 


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