Recently, I have been detoxing physically and, of course, when we cleanse physically there are emotions, past traumas and ancestral patterns leaving and transmuting.

Wowee… I can feel I am getting ready for something big.

It’s probably our upcoming Carlsbad Retreat and I know you want to join us!

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And, I am not just saying that, this work does change lives positively forever. Be sure to check out theclient shares on the Brain Soul Integration Retreat page.

Maybe you also have been detoxing and up leveling your life, hopefully I can shed some light on the ins and outs and how to make it flow easier. Please keep reading as I have an important list for you at the end – How to Take the High Road.

Here is what I’m learning that I know can help you on a deeper level, too…

Recently, I began something called Network Chiropractic. Network Chiropractic works on re-aligning the spine and brain, so that the spine and nerves can re-adjust as needed and remain healthy and balanced.

It is really interesting work and goes deep like the B.R.A.I.N. System, (the 5 step methodology that I developed) but ON THE BODY and nerve directly.

The B.R.A.I.N. System works with the body, releasing and integrating in the energy field. OMG- if these two systems were married people would get healthier in all ways faster. Can ya feel my wheels spinning here?

Network Spinal Analysis (NSA) is a revolutionary approach to wellness that applies low force touches to Spinal Gateways – specific contact points on the body – generally along the spine.


Here’s Tony Robbins describing how the creator of NSA, Donny, made changes in his life. (I suggest you ignore the swearing and digest the message).

After a few weeks of another layer of Network my whole body is letting go of a very old layer of “stuff.”

Here is my interpretation: The patterns begin in the energy field and are in the brain, nervous system and physical body. I cleared the field programs and the brain-soul so my body-brain was super ready to say yes to letting go of so much yuck. Who knows what you have stored in the body- brain?

Why not clear them out so you can allow your gifts to shine?

I always address all the layers multi-dimensionally because I learned it is more complete and faster.

Just today, I was able to clear 5 different ancestral patterns on myself! Gosh, I even saw this image of a woman Russian Scientist fighting for her cause… ha, that’s me. Amazing! I made big decisions and have clarity and commitment in a new light. (And I really thought I was great before, meaning I did not see this layer as needed, but can tell you this… you know it is cleansed if you feel lighter afterwards, have more energy, clarity, better sleep, or more positive reactions). I sure want that for YOU, too!

The question is, Are you ready to allow your vulnerability? Are you ready to use your God Given talents?My teacher would tell us, “If you are not using your gifts you are dis-honoring God.” I never forgot her words and can see her addressing the group with steadfast faith.

How to Take the High Road

  1. Illness or discomfort can be a cleanse – the way the body is letting go of past debris (could be physical or emotional) to become healthier. Re-frame your “dis-ease” or discomfort.
  2. Be open and vulnerable to letting go… all you need is a mustard seed of faith.
  3. Have a clear intention and goal and do Mind Gems while stating your intentions.
  4. If you own a business, your health and brain will need your attention to create success.

Here a few ways to do that:

  • You are multi-dimensional person so addressing the layers allows faster progress That is why the BRAIN System works miracles ( B= Body, R= Release, A= Align with Spirit, I = Integrate, N= New program)
  • Let’s do some BRAIN Sessions to get clear and on your way! Sign up for a Discovery Sessionwhere we will discover your best next step and biggest block to your individual goals.
  • Try Network Chiropractic, especially if you have spinal issues.
  • Make a list of what excites you and do more of that! (Your gift is in there somewhere.)
  • Maintain a daily spiritual practice and tithe regularly .

And of course…

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And, I am not just saying that, this work does change lives positively forever.

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