What inspires you to be consistent with self-care?

Many of you know that I have great self-care habits that I learned when I crashed. Personally, my sleep is slipping lately and I am vowing to get to bed on time.

If you do not care for yourself, you are not able to care for others, right?

As an entrepreneur, if you are not healthy your business suffers, too. When you are on your game, all flows well.

First, if you are out of balance and suffer with allergies, asthma, auto- immune imbalances, addictions, weight issues, thyroid imbalances, brain fog and memory problems the place to begin is with life style changes and clearing the causes in the energy field.

The first and most obvious lifestyle change is your eating plan. Yes, food first… as the saying goes we are what we eat.

Here is what I have seen… I can tell you to stop eating sugar, wheat, dairy, corn, and all processed foods which all cause inflammation. Eat organic and non-GMO living foods – salads, vegetables, grass fed meats, and healthy fats.

The answer lies in YOU!

Yes, YOU! You may need a guide to help you because we are WHOLE beings and illness and pain begin in the energy field.

Here is quick checklist on self-care to do’s:

  • Do take charge of your foods and supplements
  • Do exercise 20 minutes 3 times a week ( Any fun sweaty activity)
  • Do get enough sleep ( Your brain re charges at night )
  • Do relax – prayer, mediation, read, write, dance, sing, yoga, walk, bath
  • Do spend time with friends – socialize
  • Do learn something new or create – learn a new language, make a new meal, art, paint, garden, write, etc.

If you are healing your body out of balance, you have to address the bodies simultaneously for faster results – physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, field.

That is why I created the B.R.A.I.N. system.

  • B = Body
  • R = Release
  • = Align with spirit
  • = Integrate
  • N = New Program

And I am sharing the introduction the B.R.A.I.N system at our upcoming LIVE ONLINE Lead with Love, Level Up Workshop on August 29th.

We have 103 people attending so far, and we want you there too! Be sure to secure your spot, and invite your friends.

When I clear the field programs (anxiety, worry, shame, guilt, fear, anger, etc) the physical body opens to receive the nourishment (foods, supplements) you are giving it. I love this! Just like Wanda, Deanna, Jean, Margy, Gale, Alexis, Ann, Julie, Angel, Chew- Hoong, Max, and so many more of our amazing success stories!

I look forward to seeing you and a friend Saturday, August 29th!

Lead with Love, Level UP!

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You will leave transformed, I promise. The group clearings are powerful!

To Your Powerful Positive Healing for Life,

Louise Swartswalter