Dr. Mary Ozgevich is on fire in this week’s podcast discussion. Dr. Mary is a long time client and friend and her work truly speaks for itself. She has devoted herself to developing her programs that focus on helping her clients achieve massive, meaningful, and radical change!

After working 30 plus years as a LCSW and 18 years as a Results Oriented Coach, Dr. Mary Oz has helped thousands of clients experience Radical Change, quickly and easily.

Dr. Mary Oz’s unique approach is to combine the best of coaching with Ho’oponopono Healing and the Law of Attraction.

More recently Dr. Mary Oz has invested her time and energy in training everyday people and coaches to be more effective, confident and strategic.

She is the founder of Radical Change Coaching Academy and offers a One Year Coaching Certification Program that is powerful, unique and allows coaches to implement their new coaching skills in real time!

In this episode you will learn:

  • What Ho’oponopono healing is and how it applies to the Law of Attraction
  • The combination of therapy and coaching for stellar results
  • The importance of powerful radical change through great questions
  • Putting yourself first through divorce
  • The importance of energy work and being open to it
  • Dr. Mary loves fishing, poker and being outside in her yard

During that challenging time what helped you through that and did you turn to spiritual/soul work?

Turning to friends and God helped Mary through her divorce.

She shared that she loves energy work and would have joined our program years ago. She appreciates the powerful tools of the Brain Soul Success System and can feel the energy as soon as we get on a call .

Dr. Mary believes you need the right mentor with the right tools at the right time.

Check our her coaching program here.

I love you all!


Louise Swartswalter