If I could talk with each of you personally that would be so awesome! I love connection and I love hugs.

Let’s get in a circle right now and have one big giant squeeze!

Well, that was an “old world” picture.

Here is our “New World” picture:

We are learning to do online events!

Yes, these 50 amazing souls have been getting together online learning the BRAIN System tools. The BRAIN System is my five-step transformational process:

B= Body
R= Release
A= Align with Spirit
I = Integrate
N= New Program.

I have to say this is way more powerful than I imagined! I know the system is amazing and as you can see from the before and after BRAIN System Process pictures here we are transforming lives. A huge shout out to my amazing Team – Wanda Harrison, Deanna Stanley, Jean Suffield, Kendra Toth, Kim McPhee, Alex Peterson and our Mastermind Community.

We are doing it bigger than ever- making it happen!

Ammie before and after Miracle Process

Jean before and after a Soul Tie Clearing


So, I have a challenge for YOU! Ready…

Where in your life or business can you create, and actually improve an old system, format, or class?

What are your clients telling you they need?

What blocks do you need to release right now to succeed BIGGER?

In fact, this is the best time to invest in yourself and your growth. Historically during times of transition is when the biggest ideas, transformation and companies were launched. General Motors, Disney, Hyatt and Microsoft were all launched during a recession.

Hold your vision, get a coach and go for it!

I want to know you more intimately and connect. Let’s talk!

Fill out our Brain-Soul Discovery form and we will hop on the phone or zoom to discover your biggest block to success. I have 3 spots this week and 2 next week open.


Louise Swartswalter

PS – This is the best time to invest in yourself and your transformation. If you are here in my tribe you are spiritually aware and seeking answers, wanting to grow yourself and up- level your life. Let’s discover your blocks to success and if I can help you or who can.