When a client referred to me as the “New World Shaman” I was so honored. I guess that does describe the blend of science and soul-level health and healing work I am so passionate about and have been developing, refining and tweaking for the last 25 years.

What I did not know at the time was that I would be teaching these skills (yes, not just steps but skills). As a natural teacher my first quest was to teach what has worked with clients, step by step, to spread the tools to more people. When I began teaching the Brain System modules in my Mastermind (see right) every single member’s life changed dramatically — years of depression gone, relationship issues gone, low self-esteem gone, healthy brain power back after a TBI, income tripled!


I realized the power of releasing shame, guilt, pain, overwhelm, abandonment, fear of failure and success, misunderstanding, betrayal, violation, and more at the cellular level and from the brain-soul and energy field.

We all have these patterns and you do not have to let them hold you back or limit you unless you choose to. Yes, I like to go to the “unconscious resistance to change” place and clear those roadblocks to success. Every member of our Mastermind group became more intuitive, confident, energetic, happier, more abundant and could clear any energetic blocks that came their way. They were more empowered, free and accomplishing more in their life than ever before! And that was for every member that did the work — yes every member.

Wataru shares how he has expanded HERE.

Then this transformation became addicting. I wanted everyone to have the opportunity to at least begin this path of self- empowerment. So I created group programs on Zoom that followed the frequency packages: Fall Brain Boosters gets your brain working first, Winter is Beautiful Amazing You, for anti-aging and confidence, Spring-Summer is Awakening Abundance Now for creating and attracting abundance. These three groups offer the very beginning clearing and a sneak peek into what is possible with the B.R.A.I.N. System.


You, too, can learn the tools of the Brain System Methodology and clear yourself and and your family of their roadblocks to success, or become a certified Brain System Coach, if you choose. There are multiple programs, events and our retreat coming up in California in September. Honestly it has all been evolving and growing much larger than I even imagined. People from around the globe are asking for this deeper brain-soul work now. The top trainers in the world, such as Tony Robbins, have energy workers that work on the brain, because if your brain is not right, you are not right.

If you have been struggling and know you were meant for more, let me show you how to get there.

It is really not the next shiny new object. It starts with YOU! A shaman guides you in being 100% your soul’s truth: healthy and whole.

We will be doing just that. Join us for the Brain-Soul Integration Retreat in Carlsbad , CA. and change your life forever. You can save $500 if you RSVP now. Hurry, we have 30 spots and 12 are taken.

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