Today more and more women struggle with energy, hot flashes, mood swings, memory loss, menopause, infertility and depression.  

We are blessed to have Dr. Anna Cabeca, a DO, OBGYN, triple- board certified and a fellow of gynecology and obstetrics, integrative medicine, anti-aging and regenerative medicine. For the past 20 years she has served 10,000 plus women in her private practice and millions more through her books, online videos and articles. 

Her own health took a troubling turn during menopause and she sought out healers around the world. Her journey is one of stress, trauma, losing her own Mom and raising  4 beautiful daughters as a single parent. She created her amazing products Keto – Green 16, Mighty Maca Plus, Julva, Julva Kiss from her own journey of healing. Her first book includes her story in depth, The Hormone Fix and second book, Keto-Green 16 and now Menu-Pause, how to take charge of our health in midlife. 

Inside this episode: 

  • Learn what a beautiful soul Dr. Anna is ( not only a doctor but a “healer” as well) 
  • Discover the importance of being alkaline, this is where life is formed. 
  • Positive thinking and our thoughts also create alkalinity 
  • High Cortisol creates more acid- get your thoughts and mind set correct to balance hormones 
  • Oxytocin and Cortisol are opposite 
  • Our bodies are very resilient
  • 30 super foods combined make up her very own adaptogenic superfood – Mighty Maca Plus ( now sold around the world) 
  • Brain fog and issues can be helped by getting into Ketosis ( shift the fuel source and help your brain)  

My personal ahahs..  I came away with an appreciation for Dr. Anna’s journey of ill health and the learning that takes place to reboot and how amazing products come from one’s own need to heal. 

A few of my favorite one liners Dr. Anna shared: 


There is magic in the pauses of your life. 

“Fasting and praying is where we gain clarity.” This is her magic self care tip! 

If you want to learn more and order her book MenuPause or other books and products visit her website.  You will want more than  one!  

On Instagram- The Girl Friend Doctor 

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Three Brain Soul Hacks for Abundance

 Wednesday, May 11th

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