Imagine what is possible for you when you:

  • Completely clear out any obstacles standing between you and your goals
  • Finally experience a L E A P in your life and/or income like never before
  • Experience a surge of energy and confidence to finally start that business,
    make that career shift, or attract that
    amazing relationship

These are just SOME of the things that have happened for my clients as a result of experiencing and learning the complete B.R.A.I.N. system.

Welcome to the Brain-Soul Success Mastermind, specifically designed to propel you/your life and/or your business to whole new level. From priceless gems of insider brain-success balancing knowledge to expanding opportunities, from structured sharing to personal one-on-one coaching, it's about living your blessing, thinking big and making the unique difference you were put here to make.

The Brain-Soul Success Mastermind is for the spiritually-based individual or the entrepreneur looking for the combination of optimal health, self-growth, de-stressing and life-success tools, accountability and peer support all on a foundation of attention to spiritual development and continued personal growth.

Limited Space Available

A deposit of $2,000 is due today.

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How Can I Participate?

The Brain-Soul Success mastermind was created for those individuals who desire a quantum leap in their life and are ready to take action and want to learn a system that has proven success they can apply in their own life to achieve their goals. When your brain is balanced completely holistically you can achieve your dreams in life and career-business.

What Will We Do?

Well- of course we're going to have FUN and stay very connected! And a few times a year, we're going to meet up and TOTALLY refine our goals and our life!

The remaining months we're going to stay connected via the phone or Skype and deeply mastermind your process. You'll get community, develop accountability for your goals AND share my teaching and experience as well. What could be better than that?

What Will My Success Be? 

I have no idea what kind of action you'll take - but you've already seen the initial results of some of my current students and the many other case studies. Plus, by now you can see the amount of detail I put into making your specific plans work.

In the video below, Yolanda explains her decision to invest in herself and join the Brain-Soul Success mastermind.


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Limited Space Available

"My commitment is to you and your success."

My commitment is to you and your success, refining your goals, clearing blocks and teaching you the tools of the B.R.A.I.N. system and empowering you to allow your gifts to shine! The Mastermind was designed to teach the B.R.A.I.N. system (When your brain works right, you work right) and support you on your path of achieving your dream life- business. The opportunity to share, being held accountable and using our BIGGER brain (masterminding) is the key to success. The focus is YOU and although we each have different dreams the steps to success are similar. When you use the B.R.A.I.N. system in your own life you will have the tools for ongoing success! This is the place for heartfelt souls to come together and make a quantum leap!

Your commitment is to yourself and the group. As you learn and practice the tools with your fellow MM partners, your knowledge and confidence increase and life goals are realized. I will ask you to be honest, share and show up. Miracles happen in this harmonious energy.

"Only when you learn to clear the wounds of the soul that are held in parts of the brain, you can help yourself and others be 100% their truth!" - Dr. Swartwalter




Mastermind Diamond Privledges

2 Live Events with Dr. Louise Swartswalter
These carefully crafted events will feature in depth training
on the BRAIN system – making Quantum Leaps in your life
and structured masterminding time and hot seats to ask
Louise specific questions about your next best move.

September Retreat
Learn the deeper Circles of Life (Plus work!)

March Brain-Soul Success
Event in 2022

B.R.A.I.N. mastery System (learn the program)
Step by step training templates - video’s, webinars, handouts
Online Learning Platform Brain Soul Academy
10 Teaching Calls and 10 Q&A Calls

6 one-one 90-minute coaching sessions with Louise or Certified Coach

Facebook Mastermind group
To interact, support, provide resources, get feedback, run ideas past each other

VIP pricing on all new products
Launched by Louise Swartswalter (usually 30-50% off)









3 months of Awakening Abundance Frequency Group and ongoing membership into 

Programs on the theme of Brain Boosting,  Beautiful Amazing You Anti-Aging and Abundance. 

New Success Tools for Entrepreneurs Membership Group

10% off All supplements during the year
ANHC products are frequency enhanced

Bonus virtual day (3 hours)
Deep Brain-Soul Balancing Work. To be scheduled


Total Value:






Your Investment Cost: $24,000

When paid in full  ($ 2,000 deposit, see below)

FAST ACTION SCHOLARSHIP - SAVE $5,000!Your Investment Cost: $19,000 When Paid in Full! ($2,000 deposit, see below)

Your Total Savings is more than 50% of the $39,000 Value!

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Super Bonus!

Special 90-minute Clearing session with Louise
for first 10 people who take fast action at the first break

Payment Plan and Mastermind Details:

$19,000 paid in full is a savings! $24,000(See application).

Option 1 – Pay for the full year upfront at $19,000 and save 5,000 (a $24,000 value) (total
value of package is really $41,000). If you select this option, secure your spot with a $2,000
deposit and our team will accept a check or credit card or provide you with wiring instructions for the balance. Payment in full must be received and processed by October 27, 2021.


Option 2 -Payment plan deposit 2,000 now, $2320 by November 15, 2021 and 10
payments each due on the fifteenth of the month, Dec. 15, 2021– Sept. 15 , 2022.

Say YES to yourself!

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Areli is the happiest ever! 

How has this work not changed my life!! I am the happiest I ever thought I could have been. I am comfortable with my intuition which only continues to get stronger and clearer. I can say with complete confidence I am no linger afraid of my intuition, although sometimes it still blows my mind. I see the difference in my family as well. My mom, sisters and family are reaping the benefits of the ancestral clearing, it seems like my entire family is being lifted.

Areli Nunez, Health Care Coordinator, Illinois

Lisa shares her transformation:

I was feeling heavy and disconnected and I thank Dr. Louise for reaching out and connecting, knowing something was amiss. Her words and intuition were right on and she found things in me I did not know were there. I feel so much lighter and more present after Dr. Louise did her magic clearing. During both sessions I felt a peace and calm replace the reactivity and panic. My breathing returned to normal, it was amazing!

When Dr. Louise cleared my field and used her biofeedback frequencies I felt supported through the whole event.  This was our best event ever and I am so grateful to Dr. Louise. "Louise's brain-soul work is so needed in these times." In deep gratitude.

Love, Lisa Sasevich, The Queen of Sales Conversion, California

Jean is her authentic self!

My main attraction to the work of Dr. Louise Swartswalter and the B.R.A.I.N. System is the spirit of collaboration among those participating in BRAIN-SOUL SUCCESS MASTERMIND.  Having achieved success on many levels, I longed to be with individuals who delighted in the success of others and wondered where I could truly find a collaborative culture where I could thrive creatively. Although immersed in other transformational programs, I wanted to understand what stood in the way to being my authentic self. Why am I choosing to remain with those I know do not support nor appreciate the ‘real’ me? Dr. Louise has helped me realize my true soul's purpose, to become ‘unstuck’ and to begin to distance myself from those persons, places, or things that interfere with my life’s journey in embracing my true and authentic self'The Mastermind group are loving, supportive, and interested in helping others develop high caliber skills. My love and gratitude to Dr. Louise and the Jedi Mastermind group for helping me become the more balanced, relaxed, and skilled person that I want to be!

Dr. Jean Seville Suffield, Master teacher and therapist, Canada

Alexis gives her higher self the greatest gift! 

My world has shifted to a new paradise since I joined Louise's mastermind group and like minded people committed to personal growth. Through the Academy I accessed tools and information for this major change in my life.   When I first met Louise I was a twitchy stressed woman who could barely tolerate staying in my body.  I suffered self doubt, unworthiness, grief and shame.   OMG! what has happened to me borders on miraculous since I gave myself a life-line for true integration of my heart/brain.   I no longer suffer from ancestral energy that had held me back.  (These emotions were in my energy field and I thought they were mine.)   Granted, emotions still come up, but I NOW have tools to keep my energy field clear.   I am in my body, calm, joyful, grateful, most of the prickly exterior is gone and my feelings of anger intolerance are greatly diminished because now I have more awareness.   My relationships with my husband, family and friends have been enriched.   My brain is sharper and I keep uploading more of who I am.  If you are reading this, just do yourself a favor, say yes and take that fantastic leap of faith for yourself.   Thank you Louise and all my "tribe of Masterminders" who are on this path with me.  Together we can bring more light/love to earth.

Alexis Keynes, Brain- Heart Integrator, Australia

Deanna said and Yes and look where she is now! 

I have been a Mastermind Member in Brain Soul Success since 2017 with Louise Swartswalter and have been blessed to become a Certified Coach in this work.

There is no way I could achieve this level of personal and business success, happiness and freedom to be me, with such ease without investing in myself and hiring a Coach.  Louise has truly reached my core root cause and then helped me to clear them. I have witnessed incredible clearings and changes to not only myself but to everyone in my Mastermind Group. What I witnessed over the last 3 years is hard to put in words. If I could only choose 1 word to describe my time with Louise and Brain~Soul~Success Mastermind it would be TRANSFORMATIVE.

Deanna Stanley, the Stress Detective, Minnesota

Jackie is happy with her positive changes!

Since I said Yes to myself and joined the Brain Soul Success Mastermind I have had many positive changes in my life. My son who has a learning disability and struggled all though out elementary school & high school finished his freshman year at NIU averaging a 3.0, he won an essay contest, an academic achievement award and is getting his essay published in a school magazine. I have learned valuable tools to help me feel positive and joyful and not let the negativity of my work interfere with my moods. My daughter who is 11 years old has been more open in communicating her feelings and is using positive points and clearings to help her stay grounded and free of fear. This biggest hurdle I had to work through in order to get started was to get out of my own way and stop making excuses for not being deserving of healing and investing in my well being. The results have been mind blowing.


Myra took a big leap and flourished on her art career

For many years, from high school to my 50s, I was not honoring my true self as an artist. Even though I was successful in other careers, I delayed developing my true passion, being an artist. I thought I would not be able to make a living as an artist. (A close family member told me this when I started college and I have held onto it for too many years.)

I know I am ready to make changes in my life, I have been ready to take a big leap into my art career but couldn’t leap. It has been frustrating, challenging, and overwhelming.

Being in Louise’s mastermind program, I have released and cleared challenges, even ancestral ones that I was not aware of. I am now empowered to be a successful artist, deeply happy creating art and sharing my joy. I am also more confident and optimistic about a better, brighter future for me, with relationships and financial abundance.

Myra Dwyer

Laurene’s energy cleared and increased her intuition

I was first introduced to Dr. Louise by one of her students, named Wanda. Wanda was doing Biofeedback and frequency healing on me. I was so intrigued by the work because I had been dealing with health issues, such as hormonal imbalances, anxiety and thyroid problems, for several years. I had been to several doctors and ended up in the emergency room a few times and I could not get any answers as to what was going on with me.

With the Biofeedback I was finally getting the answers that I needed and getting relief with the frequency healing. Wanda invited me to one of Louise's Bootcamps and I just became even more intrigued with learning how to clear energy, release trapped emotions and deepen my understanding of the  brain soul connection.

Me, being an Empath and very sensitive to the energy around me, I was taking on a lot of other people's negative emotions and energy, which is extremely draining. Through joining the Master Minds group I have learned many tools that I am able to use to clear myself of energy (present and ancestral) that is not mine.

Since I started the group I am more aware of what energy belongs to me and what does not, I am able to trust my intuition and am able to help my friends and family with this work.  I am looking forward to continuing this journey of learning all I can from Dr. Loiuse and her team.

Laurene Leyba

Leyzi heals her brain, transforms her life!

Integrating the brain soul success tools I was referred to Louise last summer. Suffering Covid fatigue from working on the frontlines as a nurse I needed help. My symptoms showed up as irritable bowel syndrome and acute vertigo. Depression and anxiety led me to disability. My neurologist suggested I seek biofeedback therapy.

Louise introduced me to her BRAIN system and healing frequency therapy. I didn’t expect to see improvement so quickly. I came to her sessions wholeheartedly as I had a terrible car accident prior to going on disability. Worked 12 hour days well into the night some days. This accident robbed me of all my confidence and created a scar so deep that I doubted everything. I became pressured to reevaluate why I continued working in such a stressful exhausting environment.

Louise had one on one sessions with me at first then invited me to her master mind group. Our sessions were goal oriented. We uncovered many blocks that had kept me from developing and implementing healthy changes. I suffered a brain injury causing vertigo uncertainty and a host of digestive issues. I struggled at first because I could not see the end game. Biofeedback allowed Louise to guide me to the dis ease in my spirit causing my illness. Louise found a brain lesion created by the traumatic event.

Before I joined the group, Louise escorted me to early retirement free from vertigo, anxiety and depression. Her one on one sessions blew my mind. My faith and courage was restored. I did not have to rely solely on ending my career and using pharmaceutical therapies. I was exposed early in my life to frequency medicine yet I spent most of my career working in a medical paradigm that is broken. I am on track today to express my souls truth. The power and support of the master mind group and the knowledge from the BRAIN academy allows me to create a new career while enriching my family relationships.

Thank God for giving me continued strength to fully participate in Louise’s training.

Lezli Byrum

Ann is helping herself and others with what she has learned from Louise's Brain Soul Success Mastermind!

I was experiencing burnout as a nurse and decided to leave my administrative position to pursue other holistic areas of interest in semi-retirement.  After experiencing multiple integrations, I decided to join the Mastermind program.  Little did I know at the time, the life and career changes that I was about to experience. I thought my nursing neuroscience career was about over and I was feeling very depressed and empty.

Since I entered the Mastermind Brain Soul Success program 8 months ago I have completed a national certification as a Board Certified Nurse Integrative Coach,  passed my instructor trainings in Tai Chi for Arthritis and Balance, Tai  Ji Quan for Better Balance,  A Matter of Balance Course,  received an Aromatherapy Nurse Certificate and a completed a course in Herbal Medicine.  I was also offered a position to coordinate a Comprehensive Stroke Program which doubled my salary.

Now that I am back in the hospital in the front lines during the COVID 19 epidemic, I have techniques via the Brain Soul Success program to work through the many challenges.  I have a mentorship group who is there for support as well as being my ANGELS.  In turn, I have been approached by my hospital colleagues to use my holistic practices to assist our stressed out nurses. This BRAIN System creates miracles. Thank you Louise and our Mastermind group for being there in my hours of need and helping me thrive during these unusual life challenging times.


Lisa is thrilled with her quality of life now!

Dr. Louise’s system has completely and truly changed my health and wellbeing, and consequently my whole life. Since I began work with her in June 2019, my quality of life is better than ever and I now know in my heart that everything is possible. I started the program to heal ongoing digestive issues that prevented me from eating a normal diet and consequently participating in life they way that I wanted to. My energy level each day was not what it could be and not reflective of who I felt I was. With the right medicine for my body and the clearing of old wounding, I have been able to add back in several foods I could not digest before and have restored my vital energy. The trajectory of my life is totally new and different and I could not be more grateful for Dr. Louise!


Debbie created a higher spiritual path and up level her life.  

I have had the pleasure of working with Dr. Louise for over 10 years.  I started taking Biofeedback classes, then Geo Trans classes, and attended trainings, frequency groups and her yearly Bootcamps.

Each time we worked together, I learned more about how to clear my energy, how to work with Affirmations and how to Integrate them and how to use the Geo Trans to clear energy.  But when I decided to join the Mastermind group, it all came together for me.  I had pieces of the puzzle, but learned more and more energy work, I focus on the clearings and what I wanted to create in my life daily.  Since joining the Mastermind group I have been more focused,  I have created a higher spiritual path, developed more ways to clear my energy daily, and up level my life.

I am still healing in layers, trust the process and know the growth and development I am experiencing is directly related to the program.  I have experienced self growth, higher intuition, and have the tools to support me, my family and clients during these crazy times. Clearing the blockages has been a big part of moving forward during a very difficult time.   Having a group of Jedi’s with similar goals has been encouraging and I have developed some friendships I would not have otherwise.  I am so grateful and blessed that I say yes.

Debbie Inman

Sherie is amazed by her transformation in such a short amount of time

Since joining and participating in Dr Louise’s Brain Soul Success program in January 2021, I have been amazed by the transformation in such a short amount of time. And I still have more to accomplish ! After being introduced to her work early this year, I knew instantly this was unlike any other class or program I have participated in ever. And I usually take 3-4 classes a year. After working on my own health and working with my clients over 12 years, I understood the significance in looking deeper on the brain and soul level for true breakthroughs.

I originally reached out to work with Louise because I had repeating health issues that I had not had successfully been able to deprogram. After much research over the years, I absolutely knew it was programming but I never had tools to be able to stop the self-sabotage and limiting beliefs. Now I do! And now I have been able to overcome pain that I have experienced off and on over 15 years! It had become debilitating and once Dr. Louise explained it was in the “field” and cleared it, it worked! Within an hour of the miracle integration, it was gone and has never returned. It really was a miracle to be but because she understands why most pain happens and stays, she was able to work on a deeper level. Working on the physical body is helpful and emotions, but we also need to go to the soul level.  All of us need this deeper level work. Every. Single. One. Of. Us.

The only regret I have is not knowing about Dr. Louise’s work earlier in life. It would have saved me so much time, money, frustration and missing out on opportunities because I had so many limiting beliefs and self-sabotaging behaviors holding me back. Most of this isn’t even mine! But it has impacted me negatively. I encourage anyone looking to learn tools to support you on your life journey, look no further than the Brain Soul Success program with Dr. Louise.

Now is the time to invest in yourself!

Sherie Holand

Christine found a sacred space for her to process, shed, expand, shift and transform

Today, I was flooded with such gratitude and emotional warmth.  How is it possible that my life and business could experience so much growth and shifting during this crazy time of 2020?  How have I maintained such peace and excitement, and alignment when there is so much chaos, fear and deception in the matrix?  The only area that changed for me, was saying yes to myself following the bootcamp.  I stepped into a space of embracing who I am, honoring how I am being called to show up, and given so much opportunity to be seen, heard, and to share.  In the past, doing the uncomfortable, and taking bold steps was often met with resistance, however, during this time, there has been a continuous ease, flow, and grace.  I AM SO GRATEFUL!  THANK YOU FOR HOLDING SUCH A SACRED SPACE FOR ME TO PROCESS, SHED, EXPAND AND SHIFT., and TRANSFORM.  I have felt so much love, acceptance, and compassion during our time together, and wanted to share how much gratitude I have for this community.

Christine Knapp-Phillip


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