Dr. Doni on today's episode

Did you know that at least 90% of health issues can be caused by stress? It’s kind of scary to think about…especially since stress is inevitable in life. But it shouldn’t stop us from living out our purpose and passion. 

So, how do we address it so that we can clear those blocks and live a fuller life? Today’s guest Dr. Donielle Wilson is here to share her story and research on this important topic.

Donielle Wilson, who has a doctorate from Bastyr University, is a female trailblazer who has been studying stress and health optimization for over 25 years. It started with studying how a history of sexual and/or physical abuse affected women in labor. Inspired to help her patients in Manhattan after the traumatic events of 9-11, Dr. Doni (as she is referred to by her patients) continued to research the effects of stress and published an article called “Anxiety and Depression: It All Starts With Stress” in 2009.

She funded a retrospective research study of cortisol and adrenaline levels in her patients and subsequently identified the five most common patterns of imbalanced cortisol and adrenaline levels subsequent to stress exposure. With her training and background in clinical nutrition and herbal medicine, along with groundbreaking research showing that neuroplasticity, regulation of gene expression, and optimization of cortisol are possible, Dr. Doni developed her Stress Recovery Protocol. The outcomes of her research and her protocol were published in her books: The Stress Remedy, 2013, Stress Warrior, 2018, and Master Your Stress Reset Your Health, 2022. She has published over 600 blog posts and over 140 podcasts and has appeared on local and national TV, radio, and in print publications.

Inside this episode:

  • The importance of addressing trauma and experiencing emotional release
  • Tips to help your body manage stress
  • How Dr. Doni got rid of her migraines and got her brain power back
  • What she learned during her 16-day journey in the Peruvian Amazon

Dr. Doni’s research is incredible and her experience and teachings align well with my B.R.A.I.N System™ system for releasing trauma in the brain that helps you get stress under control and live the life you deserve!

Want to find out more about your specific stress type? Take Dr. Doni’s Stress Type Quiz

Learn more from Dr. Doni at https://doctordoni.com

To Your Success,


Love, Louise 


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