It’s not everyday that you get to hear stories of REAL transformations from REAL people.

I want to share with you this lovely story from Dr. Mary Ozegovich who did not only level up her health, her business and her finances but also opened up her heart to new friendships and relationships.

I am ending with 4 major shifts:

When I joined I wanted greater health, deep love, more freedom and more business growth & expansion. I got all of them, way more than expected!

As a therapist and radical change expert I was open to energy work and energy healing, but I was not familiar with biofeedback and frequencies.

The beginning of the mastermind helped lift my Epstein Barr. I went from missing work several days a month to not missing any days due to Epstein Barr.

I have not had any Epstein Barr episodes in over 12 months.

I shifted from being single to being fully invested in and open to deep love with a loving gentleman – experiencing an inner emotional healing that lifted a lifetime of a guarded heart due to childhood trapped emotions that have now been released and replaced with emotional strength and positive expectation.

Each day I feel freer emotionally and freer to be me with more self-acceptance and more unconditional love to give and receive. I am fully ready for my uplevel personally, spiritually and in business.

Whether it’s loving life more, my children more, my significant other more, friends, family, clients or my precious poodles I am all in.

As I learned to trust the bio feedback frequency and clearing points my business has also experienced an uplevel too

A new website has led to ongoing referrals for my team, new google ads led to higher SEO rankings that led to a local free life coaching commercial. The commercial led to a 10 weekly podcast show which turned into a billboard exposure in New York City, a 30 second audio and visual commercial and an extended 1 year podcast commitment with an opportunity to produce a fun and powerful coaching streaming show on Roku.

I will also be starring as a Ho’oponopono Expert in an upcoming movie sponsored by Dr Joe Vitale and instead of feeling quiet and undiscovered, I feel excited, ready to shine and open to making a huge splash and difference in the world.


One of my favorite fun things to do is play Texas Holdem like a sport – you may have noticed in the pictures I am energetically crushing it at the poker table. Look closely and notice the difference in the chip sizes.

To God be the Glory, and so it is done.

Special thanks to Louise and her team of healers, their deep love and dedication to Brain Soul Work.

– Dr. Mary Ozegovich

“The deeper healing within has been the precursor for me to trust the Healer Within more often. I am excited for year 2 with Louise and her powerful team.”

Dr. Mary’s story is incredibly inspiring. It’s my prayer that YOU take the leap- just like she did. And it starts with one step. Join us at the Brain-Soul Success Bootcamp happening on March 18, 19 & 20 to activate the healer in you, unlock your super power and live the life you deserve and desire.

I can’t wait for your shift and share your own story to the world.


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