I love the number 11 as it stands for Christ Consciousness. My team decided to send this newsletter today ( instead of Tuesday, our usual day ) to bring you more love, angelic energy and abundance and to use the power of 11 this July 11, 2019.

Woohoo! I have to tell ya… another big shift for Louise… feel more powerful which means God/Spirit is coming through bigger, more, something is happening. “Very cool- I’ll take it.”

I have not always understood the power in numbers, until I started to pay attention. I would see 11 and 7 everywhere. I wake up at 7:11 am frequently. Does that happen for you?


Speaking of numbers… I began to use the brain – soul success codes twelve years ago. Woweee… these code are powerful!

I used the wealth codes on myself daily and manifested a beautiful office. I have integrated hundreds of clients using these codes for their individual goals. They manifested new jobs, improved their health and brain power, attracted new loving relationships, more money , better grades in school, quit addictions and more!

I learned the codes from from my teacher and mentor, Dorothy Wood Espaiu. Dorothy was the most connected to God person I have ever met. These always get results, always! The codes shift the old virus programs in your energy field on a high spiritual level and clear 7 generations forward and 7 back.Think of it as upgrading your bio-computer to ” windows 12 or a Mac Pro.”

So much is possible and here are just a few shares.

I wake up singing I worked with a practitioner over the phone and she said, ” I feel like a different person. I don’t know what you did? People are commenting that I look and sound different. Amazing! I tried a lot of things over the years and I am blown away! I wake up singing!” Maria, Canada

Coach gets power back!

“Wow, Louise! Since we had our truly wonderful session a week ago, so much has shifted and continues to transform. Before working with you I had done so much work on the issues with my parents yet still felt hurt by them – ugh! Through your techniques and understanding of ancestral patterns I am over it. I have forgiven them knowing they were acting out ancestral patterns they had no way of knowing about. Big sigh of relief! The big thing is I don’t feel victimized by them or by my partner any longer. I don’t react to things other people do or say by feeling insecure or guilty. It’s like I have taken my power back and other people can no longer make me feel there is something wrong with me. I feel free, and that is a very different outcome from any other work I have tried. Also the Mind Gems are great for emotional balance. Thank you so much!” Andrea, Life Coach., Colorado


Here is Frances Before and After a Miracle Integration

You can learn these codes, too. I am teaching them at our retreat in Carlsbad, CA, September 19-21, 2019. And I have a special deal for you! The super early bird saves $500! I am about to sweeten the deal and offer you the friend discount of 1/2. Only $997 and I have 8 tickets left at this rate. Hurry! Use coupon code RETREAT500. Call us 505-797-0540 or RSVP HERE For More Info.

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Only $997 and I have 8 tickets left at this rate. Hurry! Use coupon code RETREAT500.

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