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This weeks episode, I was truly inspired by my guest, Rob Actis.

Rob is a legend and has accomplished so much in his lifetime. He is a man who walks his talk and I was inspired to move forward just by hanging out with him for 30 minutes!

He is a best selling author of The Law of Action, speaker, a voice actor for many national TV commercials for top brands including Carmax, Black Box Wine, Bayer Aspirin and Walmart, the narration for Hal Elrod’s The Miracle Morning audio book along with over 30 audio books on Audible with combined sales p of over 300,000 copies.

He lives the Law of Action.


In our interview, Rob shares his story of healing himself from blood clots. He inspires others to create momentum to have the life of your dreams. Not only did Rob overcome challenges, but his daughter Aiden suffered strokes at 14 years of age and persevered to heal to be able to walk again and live her life. These amazing inspirational stories led to his brand “Living in Action.”

This family perseveres and you just have to commend them for their work and commitment.You will want to take notes, hear every one of the brilliant tips Rob shares to motivate you to take massive action!

When you listen to this episode, you will…

  1. Be motivated you to take action!
  2. Learn the simple steps on how to break through the fears holding you back.
  3. Learn how Rob walks his talk – he is in action always
  4. Get clear and embrace who you are and use your gifts.

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Have powerful positive weekend!

With Love,


Louise Swartswalter


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