October 4 - 5, 2018

Peaceful Meadow Retreat, Boulder, CO

  • What If You Had ONE Powerful Tool To

  • 1

    Release Stress of Any Kind

  • 2

    Balance Your Brain & Energy Field

  • 3

    Manifest Anything You Desire


Early Bird - $1997 $1497

  • Expect your life to change in a positive way forever and
  • Experience & Learn to Do a Life Changing Miracle Integration: This addresses the way we learn, see ourselves and the world, and the way we hear and comprehend. Great for manifesting, breaking patterns, and for kids and adults with dyslexia and learning issues.
  • Learn & Perfect Mind Gems- These quick, simple techniques re-circuit the electrical system of the body. The body movements of the Mind Gems “switch on” and maintain a balance in your energy field, through vibration and electrical impulses.
  • Learn & Perfect Positive Points: Using these points can create a sense of balance in the body that allows you to “de-stress” quickly and easily in your daily life.

Jewel's Husband Had A Powerful Shift After One Session

Joseph Overcame a Traumatic Brain Injury

Experience 4 Integrations:

  • Miracle: Deals with the way you learn, see yourself in the world and the way you hear and comprehend. It deals with dyslexia, all midline movements and more.
  • Four in One: Addresses the way you communicate, especially with yourself. It restores self-trust and inner hearing.
  • Peace: Restoration of lost ideals and violation of the universal laws.
  • Living: Restores your ability to receive and to be blessed. It deals with digestion of life and forgiveness.

Louise found things in me that I didn’t know were there. She saved my life, literally.

- S.M., New Mexico

The 'ancestral clearing' was exceptional. It felt like all of the known, and more so unknown, excuses or blockages to moving forward were being lifted from my energy field.

- K.K., Wisconsin

Are you ready to learn the tools to your success?


What Geotran Can Do For You:

  • Help heal physical injury, accident, disease or illness.
  • Release emotional injury, trauma, fears, safety or survival issues.
  • Release stress, anxiety, and depression.
  • Assist in clearing, grounding, and perspective in day-to-day life.

Since I’ve been working with Louise, I am no longer afraid or anxious about taking steps toward starting my business and my future success. I have been so impressed with the mental shift that she has helped me achieve.

- M.C., Washington
Allow a Brain-Soul Leap with Louise Swartswalter


Early Bird - $1997 $1497


"These changes are more powerful than affirmations as they erase the old memory tapes and replace them with new, positive growth intentions.  I have seen shifts in myself and my family in just 6 days, and I have seen shifts in my clients that are miraculous!"  - Dr. Swartswalter