Inside Your Brain

What if we could look inside your brain?

I ponder this one daily when working with people?   Let me share why this fascinates me and how it is related to you.   I have been looking inside brains since I was a teacher working with special needs students thirty years ago and now with children and adults using biofeedback and my signature program.    I use to wonder why John could read one day and not the next? I would later find out it is the allergy to wheat creating brain fog. Gluten sensitivity

Vector Illustration of a Human Head Silhouette with a Brain.
Vector Illustration of a Human Head Silhouette with a Brain.

Scientists have studied Einstein’s brain and found more bumps and ridges than the average person. They suspect he has more neurons. Can we grow neurons? I think so.. I believe I am helping people do this with frequency medicine and the Brain Boosters Group!

The brain holds the memories- positive and negative of your past and is really much like a computer. It is the master controller of your thoughts, actions, movements, feelings and can be “reprogrammed.” Scientists have found that the brain has plasticity meaning it can change and learn new ways, new information and new patterns and habits. We know we can change the brain with meditation, biofeedback, neurofeedback, new thoughts, integrations and brain – soul balancing.

Here is an example of what I see when I look inside a brain. Let’s take a client’s story- I will call her Mary. First, I can see the physical body imbalances.. I see the heavy metals and in this case copper. Copper attracts protozoa so it is clear that the digestive complaints are related to protozoa and copper. Here is where it gets interesting. Mary complains of fatigue and the doctors have checked thyroid and it is fine according to tests. But Mary is overweight and has not been able to lose weight despite dieting and discipline. Excess copper along with radiation or other heavy metals is often related to the inefficiency of the thyroid gland working optimally. Furthermore we found that Mary has a sensitivity to iodine. When I treated Mary for the sensitivity to iodine some of her energy and brain power came back. She was sleeping better and weight came off.

The mental emotional causes are even more complex and through biofeedback, intuition and energy work I can identify the issues and release them. The issues (emotional and mental and spiritual) cause “lesions “ in the brain and when released you are free again to be your true self. In Mary’s case her fatigue was the stressors of family ties, her caring sensitive nature taking on all the emotions of the family. This is more of the CAUSE of fatigue than something physical. Next I can see the lesions in the brain and where they are held in the energy bodies. The “trauma” or event is stuck and through Brain-Soul Balancing, Biofeedback and energy work I release it!   This is the piece missing in healing completely. One issue occurred at age four when Mary felt invalidated and alone and that memory held in the pineal gland of the brain needed to be transmuted. All the bottles of flower essences and products will not “fix” this. It must be transmuted.

So it is the unique signature system, BRAIN, addressing all the bodies- physical, mental, emotional, spiritual and energy field (Brain –Soul Balancing ) that gets results.   My mentor, Joe Dispensa states that you have to work with someone in at least two areas ( physical and emotional or emotional and spiritual or physical and spiritual) to make a change.   I like to address all the bodies simultaneously for a more complete shift! Call us and change your brain and life today!  505-797-0540.