Happy October 22nd! I love the number 22, it means Christ Consciousness, so it carries a special energy.

Make it a great day and do share with me what adventures you experience today.

I want to introduce you to my friend, Dr. Aimie, a Board-Certified Preventive Medicine Physician who specializes in trauma, attachment, addictions, and optimizing our nervous system.

Briefly Dr. Aimie’s path of helping her foster son with attachment disorder and getting sick herself led her on a journey of discovering how to work with trauma and attachment disorder.

Stay tuned for the podcast coming up where I interview Dr. Aimie about her path of healing and what she is doing now.

Meanwhile, check out the summit she created – the Bio optimize summit focused on healing kids from trauma.

See more here:



Oct. 26- 30th 9:00am-5:00pm (not there on Thursday)


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Louise Swartswalter