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This week I wanted to focus our podcast and blog on something a little lighter and nutritional! Our expert guest this week is Becky Wells, Founder of Hippie Moms, a Nutritional Therapy Practitioner and a Clean-Living Educator & Advocate. I love this amazing woman and wish I knew her when my own kids were younger.

Join us as we explore and dissect topics like store labeling- it’s not always what it looks like. She explains that in the beginning of her journey she used to feel so uncomfortable following the labels and taking it at face value when she had this feeling that she should be taking a closer look at ingredients. This didn’t apply only in food items but in items like teething toys and bath toys! Yikes! I think it’s safe to say that as moms we are so busy with taking care of our children that things like this can totally slip by us.

Change your perspective and learn to lean on this community of wonderful mamas when you feel like motherhood is making you prematurely bald!

In this episode we will explore:

  1. How the holistic mama movement was born and what purpose does it serve? Can it serve you?
  2. What Becky has learned and can share with uneasy mamas.
  3. Tips and tricks on creating healthy meals for our families.
  4. Insider info on Becky’s upcoming Summit!

Becky is passionate about being a voice and guide for holistic-minded moms who are seeking better health, wellness, and overall increasing their families quality of life. Becky’s mission is to serve mom’s on their path to change the way they do in even the littlest of things! Challenging the status quo, implementing mother nature infused remedies, and living in a way that is nurturing to the earth, she is the support and resource mom’s need! She leads group coaching programs, cleanses, detoxes, and clean eating workshops. Her upcoming summit is right around the corner and I am so excited to be a guest speaker!

This 3-Day FREE virtual event for holistic-minded mamas is to learn from 30 experts, authors, naturopathic doctors, influencers and trailblazers. You won’t want to miss it as we all reveal our top tips, tricks, and strategies for MOMS to create a healthy, holistic, and happy life today!

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