As empowered women, entrepreneurs and mothers, we often find ourselves stretching ourselves too thin and that can result in stress, burnout and can even be detrimental to one’s  mental and physical health. To show us how to avoid going down that road, I am excited to introduce you to our guest, Dr. Sue McCreadie. 


Dr. Sue is a pediatric physician and a breakthrough coach for women with two decades of experience in health and wellness. After multiple losses bringing three children into this world, she crossed the pregnancy finish line tired, stressed, and a digestive mess – eventually reclaiming her health through nutrition. In her pediatric practice, Dr. Sue helps children adapt their diet and lifestyle to naturally optimize their genetics for health. Online Dr. Sue coaches women to unleash a healthier, more energetic, and confident self. 


Inside this Episode:


  • Dr. Sue’s story on how her career in medicine started, how she flourished as Chief President, and finally shifted to family practice as a holistic physician and coaching women online. 
  • How intuition played a big role in finding her niche and true passion in merging family medicine and alternative modalities of healing. 
  • How her past trauma created a turning point in her life and how she turned that experience into something meaningful and relevant in helping her clients. 
  • The emotional journey of motherhood – how to take care of yourself emotionally, psychologically and nutritionally. 
  • How to create a powerful breakthrough in the midst of raising children and managing a family.

As a gift to all our listeners, Dr. Sue is giving away her 7-Day Reset – get it here! 


To know more about Dr. Sue and her work, you can visit her website at 


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