I am so excited to share one of my most recent podcast guests with you, Christine Knapp Phillips. She was a nurse for twenty five years and practiced pediatrics and adult oncology. Later she became a nurse practitioner when her husband was diagnosed with cancer.

She branched out on her own to create Be Naturally Well. As a holistic nurse Christine focuses on environmental toxicities and nutritional deficiencies.

Christine was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2013 and this was an eye-opener for her as she thought, like we all do, that cancer won’t happen to US.

She then started to really dive into all aspects of her health and body to discover why her body was able to foster cancer cells.

Although this was a time where Christine struggled with cognitive functions and her health, she used this time, from 2013 to 2016, to learn and research as much as she could about the “why”.

She really dialed in to the ROOT of the problem and began to work from there.

Isn’t that amazing? That’s really the beauty in her work, she begins with the root of the issue not just what the sickness looks like from the outside. Much like the B.R.A.I.N SYSTEM!

When she started to look into the environmental aspects of human health, she found her way into learning about structure mold, and micro-toxins that plague many buildings. For Christine, this problem was close to home, in her office and in her surroundings. Our bodies really do react to these negative toxins and our immunity is suppressed!

Now, if you know my story, you know this hits close to home as I am very environmentally sensitive and have spent many years building up my health to be able to combat things like this.

Oh, I just love this woman! Christine focuses on environmental health as a way to treat the illness of her patients at the fundamental level!

In this episode you will learn:

  • How she addressed her home environment to change the trajectory of her forward movement in life
  • What technologies Christine used to decontaminate her home
  • How to repair your cells and address the body at a foundational level
  • How to address the trigger toxins that cause illness’ in the body
  • How a sick home, makes a sick body
  • What minerals Christine suggests to balance your body to fight environmental toxins
  • How the BRAIN System helped Christine take control of her life

“If your home is your toxic trigger, it doesn’t matter what supplement or treatment protocol you try, it will never beat that toxic exposure!”

This is a powerhouse episode packed with information and substance! I know you will love this and take away as much as I did! We are so blessed to have been able to talk with and learn from Christine- she is such an amazing teacher and her knowledge base is OUT OF THIS WORLD.

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Louise Swartswalter