Good Bugs Bad Bugs

Good Bugs, Bad Bugs.

Do you have indigestion, bloating, anxiety, allergies, celiac disease, auto immune imbalances, ADD/ADHD, Cancer?If you answered yes to any of the above– they all have one thing in common – Good Bugs, Bad Bugs.

Good Bugs Bad Bugs
Do you need good probiotic?

There are the “bad bugs” such as parasites, protozoa, bacteria, fungus and viruses. These can multiply and cause an issue anywhere. What keeps these “bad bugs” in check- the good bugs, probiotics. Scientists have implanted the good bacteria taken from a healthy person into patients with C-diff, a serious bacterial infection and 90 % of the patients recovered! Hooray for probiotics!

Where can you find these good bugs?

They are in fermented foods such as sauerkraut, cultured vegetables ( see my blog for the recipe) , kefir, yogurt and they are also in pill or powder form. The probiotic pills you buy are all different and some people don’t even digest the brand they consume. You need the brand for you and that is why I developed my own and added frequency to them. It is not just about the number or billions of Lactobacillus acidophilus , Bifidobacteria or other strains contained in the supplement. It depends on many factors including freshness, delivery system, other ingredients and your individual makeup. Our ANHC probiotics are frequency enhanced to aid digestion, assimilation and your immune system. We have the specific strain for the Ears, Nose, Throat (Probiotic ENT) and Dental Probiotic and Daily Probiotic. Pick these up in our store today.


Albuquerque Natural Health Center Frequency Enhanced Probiotic

 The benefits of taking the good bugs, a probiotic, are many including:

  1. Aids in digestion and elimination-heals leaky gut
  2. Increases absorption of minerals, especially calcium
  3. Lowers cholesterol
  4. Destroys free radicals with its antioxidant properties
  5. Acts against h pylori, a bacteria related to stomach ulcers
  6. Controls yeast overgrowth which is very important in healing Candida
  7. Produces natural antibiotics
  8. Produces B vitamins
  9. Aids immune response
  10. 10.Controls the PH of the intestines

Probiotics act as anti-carcinogenic factors with powerful anti-tumor potential.

Your gut health is directly related to your brain. Is is said that you have more neurotransmitters in your gut than your brain.

Cultured Vegetables Help Brain Power

The best way to heal your gut and your brain is by eating cultured veggies! Watch the video here.

Please let us know your ahaaa’s and your questions below. Knowing what you are thinking helps me help you… thanks!