Frequency Medicine is the Future in Pain Management!

I love the results like these…  yes, frequency is the wave of the future in pain management and medicine in general.  This is an exciting cutting edge field and I am honored to be a pioneer discovering protocols for auto immune imbalances, ADD/ADHD and a host of other issues. I believe there is nothing we cannot change for the better using my BRAIN signature system and frequency medicine.  After working with over 10,000 amazing people in the last twelve years the world is finally catching up with the power of frequency  “sounds” and re-balancing your hologram.

Read what a client shared recently…

The Orthopedic doctor said his bones are in place and he will need 6 weeks to heal. It will take him time to gain full mobility.The Doctor was super impressed. He asked my son about pain and he said I am not in any pain nor am I taking any drugs to help with pain. The Doctor was shocked.

I just wanted to share our story with you.  On Monday at 10:45 pm I got a call from my son’s friend. He said don’t be alarmed but the UA medical staff is working with your son. He may have dislocated his elbow. At 11:30 pm, I called my son. He was in an ambulance in route to the hospital. The EMT staff said he dislocated his elbow and may have broken or pinched a nerve which may require immediate surgery. He said the UA treated the situation very seriously. He said the cops showed up along with the fire department. He was scared. A lot of people were asking him questions and telling him stuff. A lot of negative information about surgery and pain.

12 am, I sent you this email:

Tue 4/12/2016 12:01 AM

Hi Louise,

My son called and he is going to emergency room. His left arm and elbow.

I am afraid. We saw him yesterday. Please help him with frequency long distance healing.

Call me tomorrow. Thank you, P.


At this point, I wasn’t sure what was happening. I was afraid. I did my mind gems. My body was in shock I was shivering and afraid. I prayed and somehow I slept.

At 5:40 am , I spoke to my son. He said, ” Mom, my elbow is okay. I am good. The ER gave me a prescription for narcotics and mortrin but mom, I am not in pain. My arm is swollen, but no pain.”

At 4 pm, our aunt checked on him. She said he looked good. She got him some cream and pills. I call our insurance and get the paper work going. I also called  for an orthopedic appointment. Things are falling into place and there is no stress.

Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday are spent in the dorm with him taking it easy. We kept in contact. He said I am good, I am not in pain. I am annoyed, I can’t type or write. He injured his left elbow and he is left handed.

Friday, I drove to phoenix to pick him up. He shares his story with me. I guess at 12:00 am he was sedated and the ER staff put his elbow back in place.  He had an I-V inserted into his arm. The ER took x-rays and knew how to handle the situation, which I believe was because of frequency sounds. The injury was revealed with out complication. Then the frequency sounds helped his pain management. The sounds helped him remain calm. Although he was very far away 7 hours away, he was calm.
The Biofeedback Frequency SOUNDS are amazing. Louise, THANK YOU!!!!! The sounds changed my son’s brain in the Brain Boosters Group. They helped him turn off fear and release the trauma so he could begin healing. Healing without pain.