This past weekend we honored our soldiers and veterans who gave their lives and service for you and our freedoms. God Bless them all!

It got me thinking about freedom. When I work with people one of our major themes is “freedom.” Freedom in their heart, family, lives and businesses. Freedom from anxiety, addictions, health issues, debt, and past traumas and ancestral programs. Freedom to BE!

This freedom quest is internal and also shows up globally. It begins with the consciousness of each of us and the gratitude we hold for ourselves and our fellow brothers and sisters. We are one.

When you change YOU, it affects everyone around you and the greater collective consciousness.

But where do you begin? Have you read the books, listened to the webinars and podcasts, been to doctors and healers, or invested in programs but you are still stuck, frustrated and lack clarity and results for the health issues, prosperity issues or relationship issues? If so, then you may need the B.R.A.I.N. System, a 5-step methodology that helps people make a quantum leap!

Have a listen and learn how releasing the blocks surrounding Nancy’s business opened the doors to her abundance!

When you address transformation muti-dimensionally, at the Brain-Soul level, results stick.

Yes! I just love helping people release the blocks to their success. Here is what is possible when we use the B.R.A.I.N. System and clear the brain-soul level.

Madeleine’s Big Shift!

“I’ve been working with Louise for the past several months as I was coming out of an extended period of self-doubt, working towards things that I really didn’t want deep down inside, and passing responsibility off onto others rather than owning my own soul’s truth.

Louise has been so instrumental in unblocking me and allowing me to step into my truth, own what I really do want, and release all of the energies that have been blocking me from moving in my direction.

I’m so grateful for her work and her support. Life-changing! “

-Madeleine MacRae, MM MacRae Coaching & Consulting, CEO

Madeleine’s business accelerated and she moved to the Southwest and made her quantum leap!

Dr. Elsbeth Meuth Shares her light:

“So grateful, Louise, for your attuned guidance that allowed me to clear residual holds from my childhood that had me get sick every time I went back to my homeland to see my family, and held me back in being fully self-expressed in life, work and love.

This is opening up for me greater freedom, full self-expression and an ‘I can do anything’ attitude. My physical body feels lighter, my emotional self feels peacefully open-hearted, and my spirit being is walking in the light.”

– Dr. Elsbeth Meuth, best-selling author of Sexual Enlightenment & co-founder of the tantra Nova Institute of Chicago

What challenges are you experiencing? Are you where you want to be?

What if the blocks were cleared and you could soar and experience your own quantum leap? Let’s get you there!

A great to place to begin to release those blocks is our most popular program: The Awakening Abundance Now Frequency Package. It is not just another manifesting course. This is high powered energy work, plus learning the secrets to attracting abundance and frequency medicine all combined.

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