Frazzled to Fantastic!

Have you noticed the “frazzled ” energy lately?  It seems everyone is scattered,
striving for a bit of clarity and as one client shared, ” I feel like I am between two worlds  Is it me or planetary?” After I see the same patterns all week I form a  hypothesis and then by the end of the week, a conclusion.  Yup, that scientific process we learned in school sure is valuable.

23 rules for life that will make you happier and healthier:



So, this week has been a week of clearing ancestral patterns of panic, desperate and feeling unsafe.  Many of you know I love the brain because I see all these patterns as “stuck  energy” in parts of the brain. When released or transformed it allows you to be 100% your soul’s truth and “your  gifts can shine.” You can go from frazzled to fantastic!
If you have felt stuck,  and have tried many modalities with minimal results the issue is not just physical or emotional.. usually is a combination of mental, emotional, physical, spiritual and energy field.
My BRAIN Method addresses all these layers at the same time!  And for the first time you can learn these techniques in the Brain- Spirit Expansion Retreat.

The BRAIN Signature program includes:

B =body- physical detox, foods, supplements, frequencies to support you. 

R= Release mental chatter, emotional baggage

A= Align Spiritually-  Our spiritual bodies affect our physical – raise your frequency. 

I = Integrate – soul ties to brain rings

N= New Program- Overcome it all -and put in a new program of health and vitality 

using energy work and meditation.    

The physical piece has been parasites which cause that nervousness.  I have seen lot’s of protozoans, single celled parasites that are the cause of so many imbalances.  It is wise to cleanse in the Spring and Fall.  Ask us and we can help!   505-797-0540.

Here a few of the indications:  If you have joint pain, pencil this stools, inflammation and swelling, itchy dermatitis, bronchitis, colitis, Chron’s disease, arthritis, diabetes, elevated white blood count, Hodgkin’s disease, leukemia, lymphoma, multiple sclerosis, chronic nephritis, ovarian cysts, Parkinson’s disease, psoriasis and more.  We have protozoa homeopathy kits and just these three remedies have saved lives!   Calls  505-797-0540

Yes, isn’t it time for you to learn
the tools to be vibrant and healthy and have the life of your dreams?   I am talking to a few of you here who want help and yet on some level want to be fixed..  yes, I am strong here in my message. “God helps those who help themselves”  so if you have been procrastinating on a lifestyle change, only you can change that. If you have a block let’s remove it so you can be YOU!

If you are ready to shift big time and learn the techniques yourself to stay balanced and healthy and empowered then join us for the class!   There will never be another like this.. master guest healers are coming from as far away as Hawaii!

The Brain – Spirit Expansion Retreat is a powerful way to learn and transform. See below.