Are you tuned into your own energy field and understand the power within you?

Can you feel other people’s energy?

Perhaps you are an empath and so sensitive that you pick up on someone’s sorrow or fear and feel it so deeply that you can’t tell if the emotion is your own or the other person?

Has this happened to you?

What if you had the tools and methods to clear energy and clear the emotions you are picking up that are not even yours?

How cool would that be?

And… what if you could clear the energy of the fear and grief and rejection your ancestors passed down to you?

You could stay in your power and be 100% your soul truth!

Right now I am on a plane traveling to Carlsbad, California to teach 35 amazing souls how to clear energy and take their quantum leap in their life and businesses!

It’s a system, the BRAIN System!

“I got this text from a team member: I cleared the energy for the flight and we arrived early! Yea! It works.”

I am so excited to share and meet the beautiful souls in our Brain Soul Integration retreat! Many of them I have worked with all year on zoom and will get to hug them in person for the first time!

Here are a few pictures of our set up for the transformational weekend.

I wish you were going to be there with us!

Stay tuned for future events and classes.

You can learn this and achieve all your dreams! It takes commitment and practice and the courage to say YES to yourself.

My mission is to change 10 million brains by 2025 and we are doing it! What is your mission? I sure would be honored to help you achieve it.

I love you.