Through reprogramming of your energy field, you can reactivate your mind’s connection with the universe.

Your conscious and subconscious brains are inherently connected with a higher intelligence we can’t see or touch, but we can feel and access.

What happens when the healer in you is awakened? What happens when you discover that the cure is in you?

We are all born with healing abilities. You are born a healer, and it’s your purpose to activate those abilities.

You are a healer, but maybe you haven’t activated your power yet…

Because you’ve had to overcome trauma. Or illness. Or some other incredible adversity. Maybe there’s something in your past that has kept you from being able to feel like the healer that you are.

Perhaps you don’t know that healing is your calling.

Your past trauma may actually be a sign that there’s a healer in you. We don’t think of it that way because we’re programmed not to. But it’s the truth: you have to overcome something.

I’ve seen it with clients many times. Does it happen to you, too? People seem to rely on you for wisdom, like you’re their sounding board, because you’re a great listener, and they know deep down that you can help them.

How do I know this works?

Brain Soul Success Academy is the ultimate opportunity to learn deeply about yourself and to catapult your life forward in a big way. Really, the system that I created took 25 years in the making. It took 16 years to heal myself, but I knew I could find faster results for others. So I did. I kept questing and seeking. Asking and discovering. And that’s how I developed these tools. Brain Soul Success Academy focuses on the physical, mental, emotional, spiritual body, and the energy field all at the same time.

And when you work on all of that together, it sticks.

​​You can reprogram your brain and your energy field. And I mean, reprogram it just like you would reprogram a computer. There are secrets to connecting the conscious and the subconscious brain, and I found it in the brain/soul connection.

Take heed: This work requires faith over fear. Trust over worry. Mostly though, mastering the Brain Soul Hacks outlined here requires you to commit to discovering and awakening the healer in yourself.

When you learn the Brain-Soul Success Hacks and use them consistently in your life , all is possible like….. Norma and Bonnie


I met Louise October of last year at the Bootcamp and had a session with her before joining the Academy. I had some health issues while trying to build a Soul Healing business during covid. I was able to retire from 30 years of ministry as a Director of Spiritual Care to begin the call of focusing on healing retreats, energy work, and spiritual counseling. Through the personal clearings and the practices that I learned in the Academy, I received 8 new clients, my health improved, and I facilitated a healing weekend at a retreat center with 10 beautiful souls. I had the courage to market myself, to be visible and trust that I was being divinely guided and all would be well. In just 4 months, my life has changed. I describe myself as a “soul illuminator” but through Dr. Louise’s teachings and practices my soul has embodied more of the light and shines brighter. May you be blessed and shine bright. Bonnie McCulley, Coach, teacher, Healer


I didn’t know what I was in for and to this day I am glad I said yes! The bootcamp was my introduction to Louise. I was very concerned about my mental health as I was feeling very stressed and overwhelmed and filled with anxiety. I could not sleep and I had lost a lot of weight. After the bootcamp with Louise I started to notice I was feeling better after a couple of days! Even my husband noticed the change in me and encouraged me to continue the work. Now after 6 months, I am back to my old self. Overall I feel calmer, more balanced and my brain is strong. I am so thankful for Louise and her work. I don’t know where I’d be without her. – Norma Hans, Actress

My friend, it is time to Release and Let Go…

You are a powerful healer. We all are. The time has come to release that which no longer serves us into the ether and embrace with both arms what is new!

But be aware, friend: as you awaken your inner healer, you’re going to have to do some healing yourself.

You need a guide, and I have the perfect village to see you through this journey. Join us at Five Secrets to Reboot Your Brain and Life as we release the fear and embrace the healer in you.

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