Have you heard the phrase, “everything is energy?” What does this mean? Exactly that: Your words are energy, you emotions (anger has different vibration than love), your body is energy, your animals, plants, home, desk, kitchen sink… everything is energy. Have you noticed that when you are vibrating at a high energy frequency you attract more good-ness, fun, and money into your life?

I found that “leaping” has to do with your brain balance and emotional-mental-spiritual connections. Yup, you guessed it, even the connections between the neurons in your brain and your physical body are affected first by what is IN your energy field. For example, if you have the pain or grief of a friend in your energy field you may not feel like yourself and not know why. Other times you could have pain or grief of your own, that can also be cleared out.

Think of your body in layers: Energy field layer, spiritual layer, emotional layer, mental and physical layers.  When you clear all the layers simultaneously you get a faster, more complete result. I was a special education teacher in my first career, and I would notice brain patterns in my students. Later I noticed these patterns in my clients, which prompted me to develop my B.R.A.I.N. System to clear energetic blocks, improve health and up-level life and business for faster success.

I went from teaching to owning my own successful business and helping over 45,000 people in the last 14 years, and it is so gratifying. I want you with me, too. What is stopping you from being all you can be?  If there is something stopping you, let’s find it and clear it out of there so you can be your most amazing, authentic, successful self. I get a little over zealous here ‘cause I feel energetic blocks in people and just know you can let them go and be your soul’s truth.

“After a traumatic brain injury, Louise was able to help nurture my brain back to health. In addition to my physical wellness, she was able to help realign my emotions and unblock the stresses that stood in the way of my physical healing.  Plus, I made more money in six weeks than I did in the last two years. Her work is amazing!” –  Joseph Ranseth, Calgary, CANADA (Joseph only had a few personal sessions with me and was in the Brain Boosters Frequency Package.)

And now, as I teach this system to others they are having amazing results with their family and clients. Yes, psychologists, doctors, therapists, coaches, energy workers, business owners, anyone can learn the tools of the B.R.A.I.N. System to keep themselves healthy and start quickly achieving all their dreams.