……….Our Brain Boosters Group just keeps getting better every year.
    What is Brain Boosters?     Why join the Brain Boosters group?

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If you……

  • have kiddos starting school who need brain power.
  • have brain fog?
  • sleep issues?
  • fatigue?
  • ADD/ADHD, Autism?Allergies?
……….Our Brain Boosters Group just keeps getting better every year.
         Why join the Brain Boosters group?
  • Hi Dr. Louise,   Yes, I would say that our family communication is much better, too!   Thank You. I have good organization and am getting things done for our trip back East Oct. 1-8th….despite a number of interruptions.   Thank you so much. You are Super!!   NH Albuquerque, NM
  • Wow, this is the first time my son made straight A’s. He has never done this before in eleven years of schooling. I am excited beyond words! His social skills are improving and he is taking more self-responsibility. He is taking hard classes this year such as Biology and pre-calculus and doing so great. This Brain Boosters program is amazing! Thank you for all you have done! MB, Mesquite, NM
  • My grandson says to thank you very much for all you do.  His thoughts are clearer and he says his brain process is easier.  It seems to help in his school work and getting better grades.  He also appears to be much calmer. Thank you once again for the call and your concern on how we are doing.  Thank you for the time and all the work you do in your healing of souls and the planet. Mahalo, Love & Light . . . Pat S Hawaii

         Why join the Brain Boosters group?  

  • Enhanced brain power
  • Improved Sleep
  • Better grades in school
  • More focus
  • Improved Oxygen to the brain
  • Anti-aging
  • More relaxation, better communication.
  • Increase your positivity
  • Raise your frequency
  • Your whole family can benefit if you choose.  See more options:
  • https://www.louiseswartswalter.com/groups/brain-boosters-2015/
    or give us a call at 505-797-0540.

See the article”Brain Boosters is Rocking Here and Far”

in Truly Alive Magazine.


If you are new to our growing community, welcome!  I look forward to connecting with you. Let me know what you took away from this article, questions or comments.  I love to connect!