I woke up the day before our event this past Friday, March 29, and started singing the song from the movie “The Blues Brothers.”  Then just like in the movie, I said , “I am on a mission from God…” 

Wow!  I wish you ALL could have been with us for our 3rd Annual Brain-Soul Success Bootcamp!

This year’s group was super special and the connections, sharing and transformations were incredible. 

I have been teaching groups for years and I love the unique energy of each and every group. 

One of our Bootcamp members shared that we were “vibing” together.  

On day three we did a powerful ancestral cleaning, it involved a bootcamp attendee named Pope who has had hand tremors for 20+ years. He is a talented guitar player and singer and wants to get his music out there! As the hand tremors progressed he has felt trapped and unable to accomplish his goals. Even more interesting is the fact that his Dad and grandfather had tremors, and his siblings and daughter has tremors as well. 

So, Pope joined me on stage and we got to work. 

We used the B.R.A.I.N. system tools and cleared the emotions and we found 8 attachments in his nerves resulting from ancestral lines. Wow! We cleared these and… 

Pope shook for a minute, looked shocked, gasped and became calm. 

I was holding his hand and it felt different.  The shaking was less, not gone but definitely calmer. 

Hooray!  This was a “God” moment. 

Many attendees  experienced a powerful shift and felt less tired, lighter, more grounded, free.

My invitation to you is to join us in learning these tools.

If you are stuck, lacking direction, feel not good enough, have anxiety or fear and want to play BIGGER in your life, then one super easy place to begin is with the Introduction to the B.R.A.I.N.  System Video class. 

This is like being at the Bootcamp only you can learn in your PJ’s.  How cool is that?  

Just for you, my tribe, I am taking off $500. Yup, that’s right… $500!!!

It is $497 until April 15th,  tax day!   

Click here to learn more and purchase the course.

Once you sign up, you will receive your log in information and you can watch the trainings at your own convenience and download the handouts. 

Let us know your experience!  


Louise Swartswalter

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    • Karen Barnett

      Ah Louise, how wonderful. Great way to continue sharing your wisdom, enlightenment and empowerment.

      In Love and Gratitude, Karen Barnett

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