Are we living in Beautiful or Beastie times?

Your perception and belief will answer that question. Years ago, I heard this phrase: “What you believe and conceive you will achieve.”

Sundays are my creative and reflective days. I was doing a clearing on myself that went 40 generations back on my Dad’s side of the family.

Fear, unprotected and burdened came up. I was guided to read from the book, The Untethered Soul by Michael Singer (great book and I highly recommend it).

Here is a recording of the reading on page 61. Powerful!

Wow, right? Isn’t this message like what we are hearing now? The message to stay in your home, take precautions and remain in fear which clearly contradicts growth, positive mind set and up leveling your life or business.

Then how can we navigate these times and stay in faith, moving forward positively?

Clearing and Reprograming your Brain

Your subconscious mind holds the past traumas and patterns of fear. The fear on our planet is HERE to PUSH you to clear the old and RISE UP to higher level of faith – a beauty (not beast) spiritual awakening.

To stay in faith, it is a combination of releasing the old ancestral patterns, the current subconscious program of fear and re-programming the brain for positivity and faith.

These times are pushing you to clear the fear and keep the faith.

I will be hosting a holiday party and clearing to do just that. Perfect timing!

I want to invite you to join my team and me for a Holiday Bliss Party where you will experience a Powerful Brain Integration and Meditation for Peace.

Holiday Bliss Party

December 16, 2020

5:30 PM Pacific, 6:30 PM mountain, 7:30 PM central, 8:30 PM eastern, Morning in Europe and Australia.

Let’s clear your subconscious and celebrate your renewed faith as we leap into 2021.

Invite your friends. This one will be a powerful turning point for your mindset for 2021!

I love you all,

Louise Swartswalter

P.S. – I receive these weekly and here a few recent client shares:

“I just got back from my integrative doctor and he wanted your information. He could tell my brain is better. Thank you!” – Theresa , CA

“Wow, you are like the cream of the cream healers. I have been to many healers in the past 30 years but nothing compares to how I feel now in a short time. Amazing! Thank you!” – Lissa, CA

“I feel lighter in just an hour and I have been to years of therapy. This is amazing work and I have a client I want to see you and I want to learn the energy work. Thank you!” – Lauryn, TX