Are you secretly suffering...

  • From feeling tired and confused?
  • You have said, " I do not like my body and want to change it."
  • From not sleeping well at night?
  • From a “stuck” feeling holding you back in your life and business?

Then you are in the right place!

“Everything is energy and that’s all there is to it! Match the frequency of the reality you want and you cannot help but get that reality. It can be no other way. This is not philosophy. This is physics.” - Albert Einstein

Everything in the Universe vibrates at a frequency. People, places, things, and even positive and negative thoughts have their own frequency.

In my signature, 90-Day Frequency Package, I use teaching content, energy work and customized biofeedback frequency to increase vitality from the inside out...

  • DNA. How it isn't set in stone, and what you can do to repair and revitalize it.
  • My “Energetic Face Lift”. It's more than skin deep. It is a non-invasive solution to revitalized skin cells.
  • Good food. Bad food. Which ones will slow down aging and which will spur it on.
  • Real talk about toxins. The truth about your body, environment, and longevity.
  • Sleep. It's not just for the dead. How to use rest to restore your body, mind and spirit.
  • Give back the joie de vivre to your skin, hair and bones when you are in control of your body!

Value: $4000

Limited Time: $1997

Payment Plans Are Available

Pay In FULL and you'll receive a bonus ticket to the Brain Soul Success Bootcamp
(value of $997)


In addition to the training each week, you will also receive frequencies that focus on the following key areas:

  1. Balancing your skin
  2. Increasing your vitality
  3. Boost confidence
  4. Feel sexy inside and out!

When combined with all of the self-care techniques and resources I’ll share with you in the program, these frequencies will stimulate your brain waves, so you can balance your mind and body, reduce pain and stress, eliminate certain kinds of illnesses, and optimize your DNA!

PLUS, you also acquire spiritual frequencies including faith, love, surrender, service, gratitude, and other wonderfully positive vibrations that match the intention of creating YOUR Beautiful Amazing YOU!

You will be learning, growing, and changing your entire energy field at the same time as you are receiving the frequency!

"No one on the planet is doing this. It is that unique, it is that different, and it is that powerful."  -Dr. Swartswalter

SESSION 1: Brain-Gut Connection

How to eat and stay healthy in the New Year. This class goes in-depth into how what we eat affects our whole bodies and our brains and gives vital tips and teaching on the best foods and food combinations to get healthy, stay healthy, and live your best and most vital life.

PLUS, A Group Biofeedback session with Frequencies to strengthen your DNA.

SESSION 2: Boost Your Libido

This is a special session that helps boost your libido using acupuncture points and acupressure on those points.

Do you want to allow your feminine and masculine power both to come forth?

This class will take you through physical and spiritual components to boost your libido and allow your true power to come forth. PLUS, a special Ring of Fire exercise.

SESSION 3: Maximize Nutrition - Feel Vibrant 

Dr. Lisa S. Olszewski, DC, ND, FICA will join us to discuss eating Innately for Vibrant Health. Keto. Paleo. Vegan. Vegetarian. Low Fat. High Fat, Low Carb. What gives?

Guess what? There's not one right way for every person.

Dr. Lisa O will go through the simple steps to take your nutrition up a notch to help you live vibrantly. Eat Innately.

Dr. Lisa O's philosophy is that being healthy should be easy. She will give you simple and sustainable steps to approach nutrition in this new year. Stop being mislead by so called gurus and learn how to eat innately for you to nourish your body and become the most vibrant version of you.

SESSION 4: Detox and Start Living Life!

This is a really important piece that most programs miss. We are exposed to too much pollution and heavy metals in our world today and it is these toxins that are aging us.

This class will give you vital tips and teaching on how to rid your body of heavy metals and contaminants that are poisoning you so that you can start living your healthiest life, including telling you which metals to avoid and which ones are healthy and necessary for you.

PLUS, specific steps to detoxing safely and simply. If this isn’t done properly you could actually feel worse.

SESSION 5: Deepening Your LOVE of Self

Love your body, love yourself! Fall in love with your own body, boost your self confidence, and let your true self shine in this empowering session.  

We start at your feet and go up each part of your body and help you love yourself in every way. As you begin to believe in your own beauty you will look and feel younger and more vital.

We will have special guest Dr. Lauryn Max join us to share her amazing personal story of self-love.

Dr. Lauryn Lax helps women who have “done it all” finally find gut healing, body love and food freedom, so they can reach their highest potential.

She specializes in gut health optimization, restoring immune and hormonal imbalances, and a non-diet approach to body love and food freedom

PLUS, a Self Love body exercise that changes your body image.


SESSION 6: Beauty and the Beast

Your shadow side is there for a reason.

In this class we will explore that little voice inside of you that is sometimes negative, sometimes angry, and that you may try to repress! But you will discover that it is there for a reason, and what you can do to “release the beast” in a special exercise so that you can be 100% your authentic self and boost your confidence.

Together, we will look at your shadow side to clear the blocks to your authentic self.

SESSION 7: Exercise that Supports Longevity

This is a fundamental session on exercise and how it can keep you youthful. Breath is Life and learning how to harness and control your breathing will transform your connection to your greatest source of energy and your highest Self.

Cravings and desires diminish and we are no longer prisoners, thus allowing us to embark on our path towards liberation and freedom from uncontrollable or destructive tendencies. We can then start to introduce thinking patterns and practices that lead to greater health and happiness.

SESSION 8: Frequency Medicine – Upgrading Your DNA

Experience a demonstration of our biofeedback device and feel the difference right on the session.

I will show you how it upgrades and changes your DNA and elongates your telomeres, causing you to feel healthier and more beautiful inside and out instantly.

This is Powerful Biofeedback Group Demonstration and upgrade session.

SESSION 9: Sleeping Beauty Meditation

This is an in depth teaching session to help you discover the optimal number of hours that you need to sleep, when you need to go to bed, and when you need to get up.

This class arms you with the tools to get better and more restful sleep.

PLUS, the steps to create your perfect bedtime routine.

BONUS CLASS: Brain-Soul Connection - Circles of Life

Release stress and achieve inner harmony and peace.

This class teaches you to release the self sabotage patterns that are in your energy field, allowing your inner glow to emerge. Life-changing teaching that will shift your whole entire energy flow and affect your entire line, 7 generations forward and backwards.

You will experience a Soul Level Integration and learn the stress reduction points and clearings (release self-sabotage patterns) allowing your inner glow!

Deanna Shares Her "Secret"

"After the very first Wednesday session, I noticed a difference in my face. This past Friday, I was at a group dinner, and afterwards a young woman told me that she had been looking at me and had thought how beautiful I was/looked!  I have felt like my energy is a bit more consistent, and I’ve been doing the Mind Gems and feel very differently afterwards."

- Client S.R.

It was a great class!

I've been feeling like I'm spinning my wheels lately and I'm sensing a shift with a renewed sense of "I can get through this, I can accomplish, and reach my goals, dreams, and make the difference I'm here to make!

Bless you, you're such a gift!"

BS Albuquerque

What all do you get when you invest in the 90-Day
Beautiful Amazing YOU Course?:

  • Every Wednesday during class you will receive frequencies to increase your vibration, optimize your DNA, and create a more youthful you.
  • All of the class handouts will be made available for you to download in the members area so that you can access them before class, or after, or anytime.
  • On Thursday mornings you will be emailed the recording of the previous days class, to keep us connected, increasing your abundance and helping you achieve your desire.
  • Your access to mind gems will help strengthen your mind, your body, your spirit, and amplify the impact of the frequencies and the information that you receive.

We invite you to join us for the 90-Day

Beautiful Amazing You™ Course

Value: $4000

Limited Time: 1997

Payment Plans Available

Pay In FULL and you'll receive a bonus ticket to the Brain Soul Success Bootcamp
(value of $997)


If you are one of the first ten new members receive a Free Brain Soul Success Assessment with Louise ( $500 value)

Hi Louise,

I am a participant in the 12-week Beautiful Amazing You class.  I just wanted to request to please keep adding the EYE LIFT frequency to each week's 'medicine'. I think it is actually working!! I was told a few months ago by my eye doctor that I should consider having eyelid surgery because after 45 years of wearing hard contact lenses, the eye muscles have been weakened resulting in my eyelids drooping (called ptosis); so droopy that my eyelids are starting to cover the pupils. Looking in the mirror this morning my pupils weren't half covered over by my eyelids! Amazingly fantastic! The eyelids have a ways to go yet, but THANK YOU!!! I see a definite improvement!! Whatever you are doing, it is working (much to my surprise I have to admit)!!!

I feel so blessed to have discovered you! Thank you so much for doing what you do!

Rochelle, Amazingly Beautified Client

That’s right! When you invest in the 90-day Beautiful Amazing You Frequency Course, you can choose a family member or a friend to experience it with you!

You’ll have that extra accountability, PLUS be able to share this transformational experience with someone who is learning the same information as you! How cool is that?!?!?

"A friend stopped by last evening and remarked that I had lost weight – it was really the inflammation which I had wanted to lose.   I am looking younger at 81 years young, my skin in improving and I am very excited at all your programs and your healing modalities."

- Odessa, New Mexico

I’m pretty intuitive so I know that there are a few questions may still be floating around in your head right now:

Q: How much will this cost?

That’s a fair question, and if you scroll to the bottom of this page, you will find all of those details.

But first, we invite you to view this as an investment in yourself, and ponder these questions instead:

How would your life change if you massively increased your energy?

How much more money could you earn in your business or career if you felt more confident, empowered, and positive every day?

How much have you spent on other anti-aging products and programs? What would it be worth to you if you could FINALLY see the results you wanted once and for all?

Q: So let me get this straight Louise… You’re going to send me actual sounds and vibrations, and that’s going to change my life?

YES! Well, to be fully transparent, while the frequencies alone will definitely make a positive impact on your life, you’ll also need to take good care of your body. But I promise if you follow my suggestions, you could be my next success story just like the ones you’ve read on this page!

"My daughter is on the list as my family member. She has been struggling with depression. For the first time in a very long time, I heard joy in her voice. Her comment to me was "mom, I'm having the best day I've had in a long time!!" She met a new friend and has been out enjoying the island.

So, I share this, because something is definitely working!! Thanks so much for all you do.”

- KR, Albuquerque

Remember my friend, everything is energy, and like attracts like! When you train your brain to vibrate at the right frequencies for you, you can actually change the neural connections and you’ll experience more consistent positive emotions and vibrations.

Why wait to live the live you truly desire?

Do you want to feel more vibrant, sexier, and exude confidence?

Thank you so very much Louise…I am very impressed with the improvement in SPENCER, my nephews,  communication skills since the initial connection.

I met with him the next day and he was a real chatterbox , with useful information !!! This is a first since he has been in my care, which is almost a year!!!  Thank you from the bottom of my heart! I am also seeing that my focus and possibly even my memory has improved. Looking forward to our next class.


Are you ready for your inner and outer beauty to SHINE?

Raise YOUR Vibration. Join us Today!

Value: $4000

Limited Time: $1997

Payment Plans Available

Pay In FULL and you'll receive a bonus ticket to the Brain Soul Success Bootcamp
(value of $997)



You will receive a 30 minute Session with Louise (value $500)

"There is something very comforting about knowing I am being cared for every week, as I am caring for others. From being a part of the abundance group and the brain group.. my compulsion to bite my fingernails has stopped. I have beautiful long, strong fingernails.  My eyes don't need glasses to see far and my cheaters were 2.0 and are now at 1.5.  I have also attracted clients that are ready for biofeedback and are committed to becoming well."

- Client D. S.

"You will never know the depth of my gratitude, because not only did you heal my hives, I was amazed by how much more energy I had, plus I experienced a major boost in my self-confidence! What an unexpected bonus. I’m still not sure what you did, but quite honestly, I don’t care. All I know is that you accomplished what medical doctors didn’t even know where to begin to fix, and it cost me a tiny fraction of the price. I’m 100% confident my long period of suffering is over. I look forward to spreading the word so I can help many others enjoy the same miraculous healing that I experienced. Thank you from the bottom of my heart."

- Client “P.H.T.” Albuquerque

About Your Host, Dr. Louise Swartswalter

Dr. Louise Swartswalter, Beautiful, Balanced Brain Expert, is a naturopathic doctor, certified biofeedback specialist, and the founder/owner of the Albuquerque Natural Health Center (ANHC). For over three decades, she has specialized in healing and balancing the human brain through her signature B.R.A.I.N. System, the most comprehensive healing system for the brain, body, soul, and life.

Through ANHC, Louise has had the opportunity to work with thousands of individuals seeking help with health issues including ADHD, allergies, autoimmune and thyroid imbalances, digestive disorders, as well as those looking for career and relationship success. Louise works closely with entrepreneurs who come to her seeking more success in their lives and in their businesses. After working with her closely, many have seen their incomes double and even triple, they have been able to clear mental blocks that have hindered them for their entire lives, and they have taken their creativity and focus to new heights, breathing new life into their businesses and their lives.

Louise has helped more than 45,000 people and their families during her many years of practice. She has discovered that to be healthy, vibrant, and successful in your life or business, your brain must be in balance, including the neurotransmitters, chemicals, and hormones.

She also found that in order to be physically healthy, you must address the patient’s emotional and spiritual bodies. Through addressing these issues and more with the B.R.A.I.N. System, Louise’s patients get healthier physically. In addition, they feel more balanced, empowered, vibrant, and positive. Their stress melts away, and they are able to accomplish more!

No matter where you are in life, Louise can help you take your health, wellbeing, and creativity to the next level, so that you can stride forward with renewed vigor, strength, and creativity and live your best, most vibrant life and be fully and truly your authentic YOU.

Dr. Louise says, "We are whole people and when you address all the parts (physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual) all at the same time is when you get the fastest and best result. Results COUNT!”

"You have helped me so much more than western medicine. I feel like a million bucks."

- Client “J.E. - Albuquerque”

We invite you to join us for the 90-Day

Beautiful Amazing You™ Course

Value: $4000

Limited Time: $1997

Payment Plans Available

Pay In FULL and you'll receive a bonus ticket to the Brain Soul Success Bootcamp
(value of $997)



You will receive a 30 minute Session with Louise (value $500)


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