Awakened Living

This past month we have been focused on abundance and the brain and cellular memory  patterns
of the past that affect your forward movement and success. The reason you
feel stuck simply means a “block” needs to be released and transformed. Just today on
a call I felt the need to release old ancestral fears for a colleague.  When we released
the fear, wounded and feeling of unprotected she immediately felt lighter and the energy shifted. So simple, so profound

and it took less than ten minutes.

Are you ready to claim your abundance and awakened living? Ready to live a life  in which you are able to align with:

  • true joy?
  • boundless passion?
  • transformative power?
  • unlimited abundance?

If you said YES to any one of these, then I stand ready to be the catalyst and empower you to bring all of this into being. Join me in an Awakening Abundance Strategy Session to discover your biggest block to success.

Allow Your Abundance Strategy Session

Our programs guide you into the deepest states of energetic expansion and connection, using A MULTI DIMENSIONAL program coupled with biofeedback frequency, so that you will be empowered to expand your life and  and align it with your deepest desires to unlock a life of authentic abundance.

BRAINupdatedpink - Copy

THE ONLY WAY you can align with your most authentic self and expand into a consistent state of awakened living (the true secret to the life of your dreams), is to face your fears, release them and experience this new positive vibration that has kept you distanced from your limitless potential.

Everything is vibration and energy.  Healer Christie Shelton discusses this

This summer is all about tapping into, tuning into, and becoming that space – your true, authentic self. That Self is one of wholeness, love, peace, and prosperity – if you choose. The doorway is open. You are ready! Step through into being safe, secure, and deeply loved by all that is, and open up to YOU.


This Powerful journey clears your genetic past, while also re-encoding your DNA, opening you, at every level, so that you can begin to experience your best life. My signature BRAIN system addresses your physical body, releasing past traumas, aligning with spirit, integrating ancestral programs and adding in a new program.

This Journey contains MASSIVE amounts of energy and will open you to a New You, while dissolving resistance to Change, Allowing Transformation to occur in the Physical, Right Now!

This is an extremely Powerful Journey. Massive shifts are common as this Energy releases ALL past trauma, present life trauma and pain, as well as chords to any pain or emotion from the present or future generations.

A few clients shared:
Today I received a reimbursement $797 from an insurance company whom I had overpaid in February.   I had given up hope that I would ever receive this check!!This stuff works!! Suzanne, Ohio

Thank you Louise.  I really value and respect what you do and I feel so grateful that you inspired me to come along on the Awakening Abundance Journey. I have found great work opportunities in Thunder Bay and love it here. I give all the Glory to God for that and Awakening Abundance and all you do is really supporting me to rise up to the new.  I see myself owning property in Thunder Bay and creating a successful business also.  I have also believed for a while that I would have two homes and one of them would be on Vancouver Island.  With gratitude, RR, Canada