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What touches my heart the most is when I can help a child or adult with Autism, ADD/ADHD, obsessive –compulsive disorders, or other  brain imbalances. These all share similarities in treatment: addressing digestion, heavy metals, food sensitivities, yeast overgrowth, parasites and constipation, under methylation, poor detoxification channels and poor immune function. The most interesting and prominent imbalance is copper overload and zinc deficiency. Copper and zinc are inversely related and an abundance of one of these elements can mean there is too little of the other. Clinically copper overload shows up in Autism, anxiety, depression and schizophrenia.

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Using my newest biofeedback program with a four year old autistic boy over the course of seven months we observed positive changes in concentration, social interaction, beginning speech, clearer understanding and better communications with Mom, family members, teachers and me. After six months Jasec was able to enter school! Yes, this would have taken two years with my old biofeedback program.

Here is another note from the Mom of a boy I taught to read in seventh grade.  Dear Louise –
Do you remember DB? You taught him the Orton Gillingham reading program several years ago. He is getting ready to graduate from High School and plans on attending UNM next Fall .He just got his ACT scores back – he scored a 
32  in reading!  This is from a student who could not read in 4th grade.  Tell parents to never give up.  Thank You – MCB

In the case of Autism many parents report that their child developed normally until about age two. One family reported that after the MMR vaccination, their child stopped playing in his walker, became dis-interested and seemed to regress. Digestion changed and emotions were different. There is a belief that Autism is incurable and that is not true.   Recovery can occur at any age but it has been reported that intervention before the age of four years offers the most success. All autistic children vary in symptoms and traits. About 30 % have abnormal EEG brain waves and a tendency toward seizures according to William Walsh, PhD who wrote Nutrient Power: Heal Your Biochemistry and Heal Your Brain.

I had seizures when I had all my mercury fillings removed in one day and I know the mercury toxicity caused these for me.   Since vaccinations and the mercury in them have been implicated as the cause in Autism I work on detoxing heavy metals ( mercury, copper, lead and others) and viruses using homeopathy and my Beautiful Balanced Brain biofeedback program. It is the metals and the pathogens they come in to clean up that causes the digestive disturbances. If copper overload is found, the pathogen can be protozoans. According to Hanna Kroeger the protozoans come into clean up the excess copper. Her Protozoan kit has helped thousands of folks regain their digestion, healthy skin, healthy brains, healthy ovaries and healthy joints.

Most of the treatment has focused on nutrition, tons of good probiotics  and detoxing metals and pathogens with good to poor results depending on the individual. Oxidative overload has also been addressed by many doctors meaning there are imbalances in the liver handling the detoxification of the metals causing lack of oxygen. When copper is released from the liver too quickly then one will see a worsening of symptoms.

Often there is zinc deficiency, copper overload, B-6 deficiency, elevated pyrroles, low levels of glutathione and selenium and high levels of mercury, lead and other metals. P. 101 Nutrient Power.

As a person who lived this scenario when I was so overloaded with mercury I understand the detoxification process. In fact I would say that my first biofeedback program (I now have five) allowed my body to come back into balance and my brain to work again by supporting the detox pathways while helping me detox. It was my savior, the answer to my prayers and I am grateful to be able to help so many individuals with compromised immune systems live their best life again!

Food sensitivities are another area that needs addressing with casein in milk and gluten sensitivity as top priority.  When these are not addressed strictly, the results will not be complete.   I recall one of my dyslexic students whose mother took 18 bags of junk food out of her house and put all four kids on an allergy free diet. We worked to help her nine year old son get off Adderall, a popular ADD medication, with great results using biofeedback and the strict diet. He lost weight and looked great. Since I had no room in the schedule to work with him after school teaching the Multisensory Reading program we decided to use my new biofeedback program with him every Wednesday for a period of about seven months.   I watched miracles happen. After six weeks AJ was teaching me card games. He was nonverbal before this (appeared somewhat Autistic even though he did not have that label).   In about three months he told me he had a girl friend at school- talk about an improvement in social skills! What really shocked me were the two grade levels he jumped in reading with no reading intervention, just biofeedback. I remember testing him using the Woodcock Johnson reading test just before we were going to begin reading therapy. I did not know that his Mom had him evaluated using the same test before we began Biofeedback. He improved two grade levels with just biofeedback! Wow! ~   I began using the program with all my students.

From my experiences teaching dyslexic students and using biofeedback with Autism, ADD, Allergies, Asthma and other brain imbalances I must also mention the importance of addressing the chemical sensitivities these children have. Pesticides cause learning issues and one will not progress if exposed regularly to these neurotoxins. Please use natural- based products and ask your natural doctor to muscle test appropriate products for your child or yourself.

Finally the brain inflammation must be addressed. Research shows it is related to heavy metal overload and again I can attest to this from an experiential vantage point. I did have brain imbalance, memory loss and low levels of glutathione. Just as in the cases of Autism I took amino acids, minerals, glutathione, NAC and other vitamins and did improve. I did not regain the neurotransmitter conduction until I began using biofeedback. As researchers and doctors seek therapies to stimulate brain maturation and improve the neural connections in the brain I hope they look to biofeedback-bio resonance and MY NEW BEAUTIFUL BALANCED BRAIN PROGRAM.   They will be as amazed as I was!

You can experience the Beautiful Balanced Brain program and change your life forever!

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