Do you have sleep problems, feel exhausted all the time? Maybe you do not remember ever having a good night’s sleep. If you are one of these people, the Brain-Soul Balancing and frequency Medicine can help. Coupled with naturopathy and a brain-soul clearing you will change your sleep cycle and your life forever!

In addition to our Improve Your Sleep program, our most popular group, Brain Soul Leap is happening now. If you have memory or focus issues, brain fog, fatigue, past trauma patterns then this is the group for you! Check it out here:

As Ariana Huffington writes, “Sleep is a key element in our well-being… we may, be what we eat, but also we are how we sleep.”

To function at your BEST– sleep, exercise, organic foods is important. There is a little-known piece not discussed when it comes to your BRAIN and that is your brain is a spiritual organ as well as a physical organ. You carry the trauma patterns in the spaces of your brain – anxiety, abandonment, betrayal, fear, frustration.

If you are a coach, doctor, entrepreneur and want to create massive leaps in your life and business – let’s start with helping you sleep and then we can work on manifesting your dreams like my friend, Laurene. Laurene is so excited about her results she invited her mom to our upcoming retreat!

You can be super healthy, wealthy and have all you desire with the BRAIN System TM


It is all about brain balancing and allowing for the rejuvenation during sleep which then allows more productivity, creativity and connection during the day.

If you are committed to change and want to invest in yourself, your great sleep, and your balanced, healthy life join us for Brain Soul Leap and I gift you a free session to get your started, (value $1000) Click here and join us to claim your session and join Brain Soul Leap Program. Hurry, I have two spots left to be scheduled after our retreat (I am back Oct. 9th)

Our next class is September 28th and I look forward to seeing you there.