I had the opportunity to guest speak with Rob Lohman on his podcast “Beyond the Bars Radio”.

Recently, I interviewed Rob and learned more about his journey with addiction, recovery and his quest for freedom- He doesn’t hold back.

Sober since 2001, Rob Lohman has helped and continues to help those who are suffering from substance abuse to find freedom from addiction and incarceration.

He does this through sharing his testimony, Professional Interventions  and Recovery Coaching, Advocacy, Self-Published Author and as the host of Beyond The Bars Radio Podcast. From age 14 years to 29 years he drank and had the dark night of the soul episode.

You gotta hear this!  We explore how God intervenes in his life at many different times.

After becoming sober, over time his identity and strength was tested as he became a husband and father.

Two completely new roles in life and as wonderful as they were, he felt lost again.

He lost his business in 2011. What happened after this loss will shock you!

He is passionate about people’s messages for hope. He gets to be a father, gets to be a Dad!  Hear that again- GETS TO.

His excitement for life, helping people deeply and his spiritual connection will inspire even the toughest critics.

Rob shares his tips to deal with the stress of lockdown during COVID-19. How to use journaling, building, the garage gym and creating as outlets for tension, cravings, pressure and stress.

As a listener you will feel Rob’s warmth and naked truth.  We talk about the angels he has around him and God’s presence in his life.

What do you want to change or be different?  I hope Rob’s story inspires you to do your own work whatever that may be. Be real with yourself.

One Rob tip– Love each other better!  Be a community of people!

Rob loves connecting with people so please reach out!

Rob Lohman
P: 970-331-4469

Touched by an angel,