Awaken Your Abundance with One Simple Brain Hack


If you have...

  • ever felt blocked, stuck, or in your own way; 
  • COVID has brought up patterns or habits that you WANT to break but can’t shake;
  • dreams of success, but it feels like the harder you try, the harder it gets; or 
  • knowledge that deep down you were meant to do, be, and feel more...

Then this Masterclass may be the start of an amazing journey to health, wealth and abundance!

During this masterclass you will...

  • Discover the 5 secrets to attracting abundance 
  • Try ONE simple brain exercise that turns dreams into reality 
  • Learn how to immediately reframe negative thoughts 
  • Get the powerful tool that re-trains your brain for abundance

Dr. Louise Swartswalter Beautiful, Balanced Brain Expert

Dr. Louise Swartswalter, Beautiful, Balanced Brain Expert, is a naturopathic doctor, certified biofeedback specialist, and the founder/owner of the Albuquerque Natural Health Center (ANHC). For over three decades, she has specialized in healing and balancing the human brain through her signature B.R.A.I.N. System, the most comprehensive healing system for the brain, body, soul, and life. 

Through ANHC, Louise has had the opportunity to work with thousands of individuals seeking help with health issues including ADHD, allergies, autoimmune and thyroid imbalances, digestive disorders, as well as those looking for career and relationship success. Louise works closely with entrepreneurs who come to her seeking more success in their lives and in their businesses. After working with her closely, many have seen their incomes double and even triple, they have been able to clear mental blocks that have hindered them for their entire lives, and they have taken their creativity and focus to new heights, breathing new life into their businesses and their lives. 

Louise has helped more than 45,000 people and their families during her many years of practice. She has discovered that to be healthy, vibrant, and successful in your life or business, your brain must be in balance, including the neurotransmitters, chemicals, and hormones. 

She also found that in order to be physically healthy, you must address the patient’s emotional and spiritual bodies. Through addressing these issues and more with the B.R.A.I.N. System, Louise’s patients get healthier physically. In addition, they feel more balanced, empowered, vibrant, and positive. Their stress melts away, and they are able to accomplish more! 

No matter where you are in life, Louise can help you take your health, wellbeing, and creativity to the next level, so that you can stride forward with renewed vigor, strength, and creativity and live your best, most vibrant life and be fully and truly your authentic YOU. 

Dr. Louise says, "We are whole people and when you address all the parts (physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual) all at the same time is when you get the fastest and best result. Results COUNT!”