If you are like me then you love learning new things and meeting new people. I am guessing that is most of you even if you are an introvert.

We have so many digital and online information tools and pathways today to learn from, communicate and meet new people – phone, TV, podcasts, YouTube, Roku, Amazon Fire, Apple TV, Netflix, email, texting, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter. Whoa! It is both exciting and complicated, wouldn’t you agree?

Television has always interested me. I have been on Good Day New Mexico, KOB-TV, KKOB radio and now Amazon Fire and Roku TV.

Recently, I have been diving further into the world of Television and podcasting. Our Brain Soul Success Show is live on Roku, Amazon Fire and Speaker.


I have a secret to share…

When I was a little girl watching black and white television (oh my… some of you never saw black and white TV) my Mom would say, ” Get your PJ’s on and get ready for bed.” I thought the people in the TV could see me so I would hide behind the green chair to change so I wouldn’t miss any of the show. Mmm… I must have known we would have Face-time, Skype, Zoom, What’s App, etc.. where the people on TV can see you. Golly, I was psychic then!

Now, I want you meet an amazing psychic friend of mine. In this episode of the Brain Soul Success Show season one, Ann O’Brien shares her relationship tips and what she sees as an intuitive healer.

She takes you into the importance of the feminine and masculine balance and how to show up today to achieve your goals.

 Ann O'Brien

You will learn:

  • What is a conscious relationship?
  • Learn about commonly held blocks in relationships and how Ann’s intuitive abilities have helped others achieve their relationship goals.
  • Ann shares a tip on how to discover your purpose. This one will surprise you.

Click here to listen to the show.

Please leave a comment on the show and let me know the topics you want us to talk about and if you prefer podcasts or television. Thank you!

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