Each and every day I witness miracles of healing and success. I was getting ready to train a new assistant in our work, so I was looking through past documents of client shares. Wow, there have been many miracles from our group classes, personal sessions, and now success stories from our Mastermind members using the BRAIN System with their family and clients. I feel honored and blessed.

The Brain Boosters program is all new this year!

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I do not know where to begin, except that I want this deeper brain-soul healing for all of YOU!

You can have all you dream of – really! I have seen people stop themselves and remain in their comfort zone. That makes me sad, but I get it. It is scary to take that first step, to invest in yourself and believe YOU ARE WORTH IT!


It is a risk to invest money in a mentor, coach, or program that is new. Even if the program is well proven, fear often creeps in and takes over.

When was the last time you did something you were afraid to do?

Why do humans wait until they have had the heart attack to change their diet?

Why do humans wait until they are over-ridden with anxiety to seek help?


The opposite of fear is faith. God may bring you to fear so that you will do your spiritual work and seek a closer relationship with God, source, your higher power.

My teacher said, "If you are not using your gifts you are dis-honoring God.”


That statement stuck with me, and today I am teaching the BRAIN System to affect more change, help more people and truly allow my gift to shine.

There is nothing more exciting to me than to help you shine and get your gift out there!

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