I was recently asked how I achieved my success:  “I recall when you were so sick you could not get out of bed. What is your secret and how did you go from making $19,000 a year as a teacher to growing a six-figure business and reaching so many people?”

Love, Passion, Service

It began when I was 6 years old and I taught my best girlfriend who was a year younger than me everything I knew. She skipped a grade and we sat next to each other in third and fourth grade.  I loved her with all my heart.

Love, Passion, Service

It began when I served my special education students and helped grow their self-esteem and their skills to always be their best and give their ALL.  I served my students with passion and loved.

Love, Passion, Service

It began when I got sick after my son was born, and I was looking for answers for why I was so tired.  All I prayed for was to be a mom to my beautiful daughter and son. I became allergic to all kinds of foods and chemicals from heavy-metal poisoning. Medical doctors could not help me and I began seeking alternatives. I discovered chiropractors, acupuncturists, nutritionists, spiritual healers, and more. I slept in my car, lived in the forest preserves in Illinois when herbicides and pesticides were being sprayed in my neighborhood. I could not breathe when these neuro-toxins were being sprayed and it fueled my activism work. I wanted to teach the world why so many children had asthma and illness — it is what we eat, breathe, and touch. I worked with the mayor of Schaumburg, IL, to sue the State of Illinois regarding the use of pesticides. The state wanted to take local control away and  spray for mosquitoes whenever they wanted.  I was not afraid to speak in front of thousands while breathing with the aid of an oxygen tank.  I was so angry about the unnecessary use of poisons and its effect on our children, the future leaders of our country!  I used anger to fuel change.

Later, I learned that it was also our thoughts and beliefs that could be toxic. What an amazing journey. I moved my family from Chicago to Taos, NM, to start a new life and detach from negative people and that environment. This catapulted our lives in a whole new direction. Thank God I listened.

I learned the power of intention.  Now, it was about SELF Love, and Passion, Service.

It took sixteen years and a lot of work to heal fully. I discovered that the multi-sensory program I used with dyslexics to teach reading, writing and spelling changed their BRAINS. I had lost my brain power, and I realized I needed  the same approach  to heal my body, brain and spirit, and this is how I came up with my B.R.A.I.N. System: A multi-dimensional approach to healing your life!  (BRAIN stands for B= Body, R= Release, A = Align with spirit (God), I = Integrate, N= New Program.)

It began with my teachers and coaches. I thank Hanna Kroeger and Dorothy Espiau for their trainings and teaching. I kept seeking growth opportunities and invested in a coach who could take my gift of teaching to another level. I was already teaching natural health classes and now it was time to take the learning to wider masses.  It was a risk, and I said YES!  I invested with Lisa Sasevich and followed her system and kept taking action steps even before I had the fully developed plan. Thank you Lisa. I love YOU! I recalled watching my Dad never take a risk to use his artistic abilities until he was older and had a stroke. So I said to myself, “Why wait?”


The B.R.A.I.N. System was born and was the result of Love, Passion, Service.

What I did not know was the result of using this system with entrepreneurs and the results I would see both in their life and businesses!  Wowee, growth galore, whole family healing and doubling their incomes, completing books and watching each of them feeling empowered to serve at a higher level!  The B.R.A.I.N. System changes lives BIG TIME!!! 

I learned to choose…..

I choose daily to remain in love, passion, service.

I choose good self-care.

I choose to reach out and serve one new person daily.

I choose healthy boundaries.

I choose to clear energy daily and remain grounded and balanced.

I choose to be 100% my soul’s truth.

I choose to trust my intuition and follow it.

I choose to surrender and allow God’s guidance.

I choose LOVE.

I choose to continue to keep learning.


Mostly… I choose to make the decisions to serve at the highest level.

I feel blessed you are in my life and I love you!  

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