Are you ready to serve your higher purpose? Your calling? 

What I have found is entrepreneurs and heart centered business owners often go down a path of finding out that when they heal the healer in them, and allow it and use those skills, their business and their life up level. 

So how do you know if you’re a healer? 

There are 10 signs that may give you a clue that there is really a healer in you

  1. You have a pull to serve mankind, and to help transform consciousness.
  2. You may have had a test or a challenge in your life, that you’ve had a difficult time overcoming, like childhood abuse, or a near death experience, or another type of trauma.
  3. Your friends rely on you for your wisdom, your problem solving abilities, and how you comfort them. And maybe you’ve even been told that you’re an old soul.
  4. You feel like you don’t belong on the earth. You just don’t fit in. And you may even prefer not to live in town to live on the outskirts of town.
    You really are needed and you do fit in. It’s just a dance of being able to be in your body, on this earth on this plane. And also stay in your lane. Stay in that high vibration of intuition.
  5. You may have experienced a physical ailment, such as Lyme disease or chronic pain, or an autoimmune disorder. I know with my own autoimmune disorder, deeper healing took place when I honored the call to help and to serve others. First, I had to get better. And then I could use what I learned to help others even more. And I’m still learning every day.
  6. You were born both an introvert and an extrovert. Healers are multi dimensional, and they often need their alone time to regroup, process and gain that emotional balance back. I also love people.
  7. You’re an empath. You feel everything around you. You see you feel you hear and you do have to take time out to refresh and reboot your soul.
  8. Your hands may actually tingle or get numb or vibrate or even pulse. These are signs of your own innate healing ability.
  9. You love living organisms, you love life. You love nature. You love animals. And when you’re out in nature, your spirit recharges and gets rejuvenated. Whether it’s the mountains, the ocean, the woods, just being out in the garden.
  10. You feel called to do something greater. Healers often have a vision of their life, and they’ll work hard to bring that vision forward. Honor that calling. Follow your strong intuition. Get out there because during these times the world needs you more than ever. So if you have that calling, share it. Live it, be it and allow that healer in you.

To learn more and to share with other like minded healers. Join us for our upcoming event. The Brain Soul Success Bootcamp, Activate the Healer in You, is the sixth year we’ve held this event. And this year, I’m so excited about the theme because it’s so important right now and so timely. 

So any of these 10 signs of being a healer that I went over resonates with you, there’s a healer in you. So join us for the Brain Soul Success Bootcamp coming up in March. Click here. I look forward to having you and a friend.